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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of September 13, 2021

Our relationship buttons get pushed this week. Mars races into Libra as the week begins, then Venus challenges Saturn, and the rules change. Mars is seemingly perplexed when Libra wants to settle in and make things cozy, for fiery Mars plans to strike out independently.

Tuesday, September 14, the action planet Mars brings its passion to graceful Libra. Libra is a relationship sign, the ruler of the seventh house. Mars can be a team player when it counts. The usual tendency is hesitation (not stagnation) as Libra seeks solutions, and Mars wants to race ahead. The positive expression of Mars is Libra converts the energy into decisive action resulting in harmony through fair play.

We sense a storm in the cosmic flow as the weekend approaches. Friday, Venus in Scorpio makes a tense Square to the emotional Moon and stern Saturn in Aquarius. The Square magnifies our need for connection. Matters surrounding love and money become tangled, and conflicts emerge. We long to experience love, but we require reassurance and commitment.

Trust is all-important as we navigate the changing energy. Consider what you need and want from your relationship - and think about what you bring to play. Honor your healthy boundaries and be prepared to step away from rigid thinking. Take a deep breath, and try to practice patience with one another.

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