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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of August 3, 2020

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Are you ready to embrace change? There's a distinct shift this week when Mercury enters generous Leo, and the love planet Venus, after a prolonged stay in Gemini, moves into Cancer, the sign that represents home-sweet-home. The week begins with a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius; expect significant shifts in your social life.

The phase of Full indicates a time of delivering to fulfillment whatever we began at the period of the recent New Moon. But have you ever noticed that things get a little wild around the Full Moon? We may feel like pushing boundaries and breaking the rules under Monday's Full Moon in Aquarius. A thrilling encounter could upset the status quo, and while the collective vibration is sharp and swift, it is not particularly reliable. The Moon will square Uranus in Taurus, and it's all feelings and more feelings, and then we discover exquisitely creative solutions and hug it out later.

Mercury dashes into bold Leo Tuesday, inspiring the sort of sexy, sassy messages that promise a bit of fun and a lot of drama. Leo is incredibly generous, Mercury in Leo makes a lot of promises, but with very little planning, and even less follow up. Live in the moment, and offer to look at it all again when the challenging lunar aspect subsides.

Friday, August 7, charming Venus enters the sensitive water sign Cancer. Cancer natives tend to make beautiful homes that are comforting domestic refuges, and here Venus takes on a dreamy, romantic quality and brings much comfort to the house. Venus also rules the area of personal prosperity. If you have not had time this summer to indulge your partner and yourself, or if you are single and ready to invite new love into your life, this is the time to create a unique or personal ceremony for manifesting romance.

This week we're dealing with a planetary dance that represents a challenge to embrace or overcome; influences that can reveal spiritual gifts. Now is an ideal time to celebrate and let your light shine, and a perfect time to check in with Psychic Source!

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