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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of March 30, 2020

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Mars enters Aquarius Monday, March 30. Tuesday, March 31, Mars - Saturn conjunction Aquarius The powerful emotional energy of Mars reinforces the intellectual ability of Aquarius, unleashing our humanitarian potential at almost supernatural speed. Mars in Aquarius awakens individual passions, yet we also begin thinking about the big picture. Saturn, connected with Mars in the zodiac's 11 house, allows the needs of the group to take priority over lesser personal annoyances. Whether one leads or follows, it is easier to see another point of view.

Friday, April 3, Venus enters Gemini. Venus, the romance planet, serves as a magnet to attract the heart's desires. Venus floats into Gemini, leaving her nighttime home of earthy Taurus. The mood is romantic, yet because Earth and Air don't combine effortlessly, Gemini's elusiveness challenges the closeness the shift appears to invite. The primary, emotional side of Venus is not in complete harmony with the intellectual and sometimes capricious qualities of Gemini. Easily aroused romantic sentiments have a way of turning suddenly. Venus in Gemini wants to play, enjoy life, and shake off the blues. The tone is lighthearted social, and playful. In the personal chart, when your progressed Venus enters Gemini, you want to be active. You feel sociable, and you enjoy connecting with your friends, even when restricted to face-time!

Saturday, April 4, Venus Trine Saturn. Gentle Venus, in a beneficial Trine with stern Saturn, drives home the importance of fair play, and give and take. This transit can be quite sobering, and yes, most of us will take a hard look at our relationships. Superficial connections fall away, and we may decide to part ways with situations and ideas that don't support our goals and needs.

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