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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of August 12th, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week we embrace emotional truth (or consequences) when the Moon opposes/illuminates Mars and Venus. Hold on tight during this ego release party and as always, be kind to one another. The Moon characterizes an emotional stage of response, while the Lunar period of Full Moon points toward openness to outside influences. We're prepared to accept the bounty of creative energy.

Thursday morning, August 15, is the Full Moon in Aquarius. Feelings and more feelings, and then we find beautifully creative solutions and hug it out under a fantastic Full Moon. We'll enjoy new experiences, fun reunions, and happy surprises. We might feel like breaking the rules and pushing boundaries under the Full Moon, so explore and enjoy an adventure in the days leading up to the Full Moon.

Friday, August 16, Mercury in Leo makes a challenging square to Retrograde Uranus in Taurus. The square points to those things that cause us to stumble and sometimes fall. Mars amplifies tensions; it points to needed change. We'll repair problems in relationships or decide to step back. The urge to change it now is compelling; however, Uranus Retrograde encourages more reflection and less spontaneity. To navigate, take inventory (Mercury) and recognize the genuine advantage in your circumstance. Focus on positive memories and release negative self-talk. Seek peace, make love.

The action planet Mars enters Virgo. Virgo likes to put things in order, and Mars supports our efforts to accomplish any task. Expect tremendous energy and improved mental focus. Mars connects with Virgo's sensuality providing a rather exciting turn of events for many. Anticipate hard to resist sexual tensions and the revelation of hidden feelings that challenge ideas about what we want. Is there something you want to repair? Mars introduces the effort needed to clean up our messes. Find a way to clean up any misunderstandings, and not via text. Meet for coffee or a drink if possible.

Have you ever noticed that things get a little unearthly around the Full Moon? The phase of Full indicates a time of delivering to fulfillment whatever we began at the period of the recent New Moon. This week we're dealing with a planetary dance that represents a challenge to embrace or overcome; influences that can reveal spiritual gifts. Now is an ideal time to celebrate and let your light shine, and a perfect time to check in with Psychic Source!

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