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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of February 18th, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week we'll experience the Sun’s quest for single-mindedness, Neptune’s spiritual ideal and healing touch illuminating the Virgo Full Moon with a pearl of compassionate wisdom, restoring balance where there was chaos. The Moon represents a sort of emotional barometer. New beginnings are possible when we forgive and move on with love.

Monday, February 18, the Sun enters the very psychic and creative sign of Pisces. Pisces rules the mystical twelfth house, inspiring compassionate hearts and spiritual connections. When the Sun enters Pisces, it activates the twelfth mystical house, we should pay closer attention to our dreams, for your subconscious mind may be speaking to you about significant changes, lovers, or future life partner. Start a dream journal when d the sun enters Pisces. Learn about dream interpretation with a consultation with one of the many expert advisors at Psychic Source!

Tuesday, February 19, the combination of the Pisces Sun and Virgo Full Moon signify the role of the healer in our relationships and our personal lives. During the Full Moon in Virgo, we can visualize the changes that we would like to create in our lives. The season of Pisces is creative, infused with Neptune characteristics; we feel relaxed, loving, and maybe a little lazy.

Mercury, entering the Shadow phase leading to coming Retrograde March 5th, connects with nebulous Neptune offering a vibration that's all about soothing words, healing energy and creative solutions. Because we naturally attract matching vibrations into our lives, we might use this transit to call in connections that awaken us and bring us to a higher level of self-awareness.

Much is happening this week! The Sun enters Pisces, Virgo Full Moon, and Mercury enters the shadow of it's coming retrograde. We can use energy as an opportunity to review, renew and enjoy quality time with your partner. Questions? Have a heart to heart talk with a Psychic Source Advisor today!

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