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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 10th, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week, the planetary dance invites a journey of self-discovery. Monday, June 10, Mars in Cancer makes a helpful Trine to Neptune in Pisces motivating creativity and stirring thoughtful actions. The trine is a reconciling force, connecting bright ideas with imagination. The action planet Mars is a mighty transformer, pushing past limits.

We can trust our instincts. In the process, we might disappoint someone, yet recognizing unreasonable expectations and clearing stating our needs will help everyone grow. Take back your power and expect heightened, and in some cases, miraculous communications. Those of you who are single and open to new love may find more than one significant encounter. Expect the extraordinary!

Sunday, June 16, Mercury is opposite Saturn and Trine Neptune. Mercury wants to discuss solutions and weigh options. The life coach of the Zodiac, Saturn's function is to provide the necessary structure so that we may brave obstacles, and having done so, ascend them.

Neptune is a higher resonance of Venus; it speaks to heart-centered matters. We might think of Saturn as a mentor, offering guidelines as we gain maturity and soul growth. We might miss vital details as Neptune obscures our view. Still, we must look beyond the fog to find the truth. When we take a self-responsible, unselfish path to relationships, we find peace. If we ignore communication, we get to repeat the lesson. And so, it goes. You may enjoy a reunion with a lost love or open your mind to giving someone a second chance. Connect with your intuition (Neptune in Pisces) and listen to your heart.

Harness the encouraging energy of Mercury in Cancer, and notice where Saturn falls in your chart, especially if this is an all-important Saturn return, indicating significant life changes. A Psychic Source Astrologer can help sort out the details. When you need answers and clarity Call Psychic Source!

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