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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of July 19, 2021

There are a lot of changes this week. The Sun enters Leo, Venus moves forward to Virgo, and the Full Moon shines in Aquarius. Venus signifies the heart chakra, the area of our self-worth, love, and personal prosperity. The Full Moon is a point of completion, bringing closure to that which emerged during the most recent New Moon. Some relationships will experience a natural strengthening of bonds, while unhealthy entanglements may break ties altogether. If you've been waiting for someone else to make changes that will improve both of your lives - the time may well be at hand.

Wednesday, July 21, Venus enters Virgo. Mindful and practical, Venus in Virgo can be slightly shy, carrying a subtle charm and longing for security. Virgo is also an Earth sign and is amazingly sensual and creative. Love takes a careful, sensitive turn, for Virgo offers a sense of completion and a return to commitment in relationships.

Thursday, July 22, The Sun moves into sassy, bold Leo, and a fresh new start can begin right away. Optimistic Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the bright Rock Star of the zodiac. The Sun's entry into its home sign opens us to a world of possibilities.

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs on Friday, July 23 at 10:37 p.m. EDT, and it appears full the night before for the casual stargazer. It's the first of two consecutive Aquarius Full Moons - the second or Blue Moon occurs on Aug. 22.

The Moon relates to the emotional stages of response, and the Aquarius Full Moon encourages an inner-directed spirit. We might feel like pushing through boundaries for the Lunar period of Full Moon points toward receptivity to outside influences. The Sun in Leo illuminates the current, infusing the day with fun, light, and exceptional waves of change. Intuitive individuals and empathic souls will feel the dynamic energy. Will you welcome it or push against it?

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