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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of March 18th, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

A new cycle of growth begins when the Sun enters optimistic Aries Wednesday, March 20. The lingering Pisces influence imbues us with a sense of participating in something vast and cosmic. A daring current of rejuvenation and regeneration spins the wheel of the zodiac. The seeds of change planted now will grow healthy through self-determination.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the symbol of new beginnings, the Spring Equinox, marking the start of the new Astrological year and the first day of spring. Day and night are equal; it’s a good time to think about your past, present, and future -- and maybe to make some small changes or big decisions.

Wednesday night, the Sun, only three hours into action-oriented Aries opposes and illuminates the Full Moon in Libra, encouraging through active listening and compassionate awareness of the others point of view. Libra’s fair play energy makes this a very therapeutic and regenerative time. The more balanced Full Moon inspires closure and helps us to accept our partner’s point of view without ego interference.

Thursday, March 21 Venus in free thinking Aquarius makes a challenging Square to Mars in Taurus. Venus in Pisces craves peace, and Mars in Taurus, influenced by Aquarius ruler Uranus, is pushing against the boundaries. New connections may make irrational demands. Breakdowns can sometimes lead to breakthroughs when we go with the flow, and long-term lovers could experience a transformation leading to deeper intimacy. Some couples will experience a natural intensifying of bonds while unhealthy relationships may decide to break ties altogether. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Sunday, March 24 Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Neptune clouds our visions, Mercury Retrograde points to the past as it plays havoc with communication, making it tougher to evaluate situations and see people as they are. You might fall in love with the idea of love or admire the mask someone's wearing without getting to know the real person. We're inclined to ignore reality, so it’s most vital so show honesty and sincerity in all relationships.

The cosmos is in a state of perpetual flux; we're writing the future. Planetary aspects influence creative energy whether you are starting fresh or starting over you can write a new script for abundance and love this week when the Sun enters Aires. The Libra Full Moon is the perfect time to explore ritual and retreat, what better time to give yourself a Libra spa day. Check in with your Psychic Source advisor for help in navigating the subtler points. Have a chat with a Psychic Source Advisor today!

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