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Week of October 3, 2022

This week, we find Mercury in Virgo having a slightly deja vu moment, but we can use this energy to restore calm in our daily lives. Friday, Pluto stations direct after a five-month Retrograde bringing a dynamic transformation in perspective. Sunday's Aries Full Moon invites us to examine what we would like to release as we allow creative and intuitive energy to merge.

Mercury, now direct in Virgo, makes a helpful Trine to transformative Pluto. Virgo's application of sophisticated logic is in sync with Pluto's renewal and regeneration. Pluto's enthusiasm connected to the planet of words (Mercury) inspires us to get right to the heart of the matter. Eliminate negative self-talk. Speak in alignment with what you are motivated to create. When delivered with kindness, the truth can set everyone free and even point to healing old wounds.

Pluto can be a private mirror, allowing us to examine our shadows and make repairs. When we harness Pluto energy, what emerges is authentic and more easily integrated into our lives. After a five-month retrograde in conservative Capricorn, Pluto stations direct Saturday, October 8. At times, Pluto's tenure in Capricorn has been challenging. Still, we are better able to trust our instincts. Because of the journey, we find new confidence in our relationships.

Passions long held under wraps ignite spectacularly under Monday's Aries Full Moon. When the Moon is full in Aries, we tend to rush into an adventure without considering the consequences. We want to explore unknown horizons.

What did you affirm during the most recent New Moon? Now is the time to harness the emotional energy and bring your dreams into reality. If you are single and looking or planning the best time to meet someone new, the two weeks following the Full Moon is an excellent period for self-reflection and personal empowerment. Lasting relationships most often begin just after the Full Moon.

This week, ask yourself where you can be gentler and more forgiving. Honesty and authenticity go a long way in transforming relationships. Psychic Source Advisors can suggest ways to create an intimate Full Moon ceremony.

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