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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 20th, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

The week kicks off with a Monday morning Moon - Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, in a challenging square to Neptune. The Moon is an emotional barometer. Jupiter expands everything it touches.

Sagittarius is forward thinking spiritual, and ready for the next adventure, whereas Neptune in Pisces represents self-sacrifice and giving away to make peace. The challenge of the Square is that we need to reconcile the qualities of both planets to create balance. At times, it will be challenging to know what you want.

Once you find your center and balance the energy, it is easier to get in touch with your heart and state your needs in productive ways, empowering everyone to enjoy an experience that is satisfying or fulfilling.

Early Tuesday morning, the Sun enters smart, playful Gemini. Gemini is adaptable, cheerful, and great with communication. The energy is playful and light. However, finding balance is a little tricky in the first few days of the Sun's shift into Gemini. It may be challenging to focus when so many options coming our way. The key is to have fun and keep it light as you let go of expectations.

Mercury returns to its home sign Tuesday afternoon, and natural curiosity leads us to surprising revelations. Versatile Gemini lends its conflict resolutions skills to Mercury, allowing all parties to lay their differences aside. There's brighter, uninhibited energy as Mercury moves quickly through Gemini.

There are many emotional changes this week with the Sun and Mercury moving through bright – fun loving Gemini. Are you moving forward or seeking to release a lingering regret? Psychic Source expert advisors can help you put the past into perspective and empower you with insights for tomorrow.

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