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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 21, 2021

Focus on self-care and individual needs in the days immediately following Mercury's Direct Station this week. The Mid-week Capricorn Full Moon empowers reciprocity and illuminates relationship goals, and on Sunday, the love goddess Venus moves into the rock-star sign, Leo. We're Bold, brave, and romantic!

Tuesday, June 22 Mercury Stations Direct Gemini. From here on, communication becomes more balanced. After weeks of waiting, now we'll have plenty of vitality for going our way and creating something new and brilliant. When Mercury returns to where it initially turned retrograde, and then past that point, it will have recaptured its full strength. However, not to worry, for you'll see a meaningful improvement after only a few days of Mercury's Direct Station.

Thursday, June 24, the Full Moon shines brightly in Capricorn; it is a no-nonsense influence that leads us on the right path to achieve our relationship goals. The Sun in Cancer unites emotion, compassion, and expressions of love, and Pluto informs Luna, stirring deep emotions. Although we may not notice it immediately, there is potential for romance under this sensible, transformative Moon.

Friday, June 25, imaginative Neptune begins its annual retrograde, urging us to consider our spiritual path. Blending faith with knowledge, Neptune rules the area of denial and hidden purposes. The rose-colored glasses come off; during the retrograde, we view things more clearly. Those in challenging entanglements will recognize the red flags and navigate with enhanced wisdom. We need not force a result. Relax and cooperate with the energy; use the pause for reflection and review.

Sunday, June 27, alluring Venus enters generous, loving Leo. The communication channels are open now that Mercury is Direct, and with little effort, we can articulate feelings. Leo lends its dynamic, passionate love approach to Venus, and it's an excellent time to share plans for summer fun. Addressing significant issues with your partner is much easier when you are solution-oriented, not engaged in any games or power struggles. Happiness is your goal.

A lot is happening this week! Mercury Direct, Full Moon, Neptune Retrograde, and Venus rushes into Leo. Your focus is shifting; talk it over with an expert. Your Psychic Source Advisors genuinely care about you and your situation. Give us a call today!

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