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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 23, 2022

Mars and Venus change signs this week while Mercury continues its retrograde journey. The mood is playful and sexy when Mars enters its home sign, Aries. Mercury Retrograde continues to upset the balance; our intuition and emotions feel off. Still, there is grace through all the seeming chaos. Venus enters Taurus and what emerges is stable, loving, and kind.

Tuesday, May 24, passionate Mars returns to its home sign, Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Firey Aries points to anger, desire, excitement, and innocence. Mars governs our determination, self-assertion, and passions. Intense emotions can rise suddenly and fade quickly. Is it a soul mate or sexual infatuation only? Check your Mars - Venus connections, or call your Psychic Source advisor.

Saturday, May 28, Venus enters Taurus. We tend to relax, feeling more grounded when Venus visits her nocturnal home. Taurus is the most sensual, grounded physical placement for Venus. Practice self-nurturing. Step out of the fast lane, live in the moment, and enjoy the company of those people you love the most. A sweeter, gentler state of mind encompasses everything and everyone. The energy becomes more grounded, calm, and loving.

Sunday, May 29, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Aries. We may feel a little scattered as fiery Mars connects with expansive Jupiter over the weekend, ignites passion, and introduces exciting new options.

A lot is happening this week. The emotional barometer changes rapidly when passionate Mars and gentle Venus change signs. Relax and unwind with a love and romance reading when the weekend arrives. Psychic Source is available when you want to connect!

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