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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of December 2, 2019

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Monday, December 2, Jupiter enters practical, responsible Capricorn. Openness and a more positive way of viewing the world start to take a stable form. Weighing the optimism of Jupiter with Capricorn's discipline and structure is essential now to create a solid foundation. Balance is fundamental to our ability to happily navigate the other astrological pressures at work and play.

Tuesday, December 3, Mercury in Scorpio makes a third helpful Sextile to Scorpio's ruler Pluto in Capricorn; expect some much-needed healing, clearing, and transformation. (Read more about this topic at Psychic Source's 30th Anniversary Connections Calendar)

Wednesday, December 4, the sensitive Moon and dreamy Neptune combine their energies in Pisces. You may meet your one-and-only; however, you will yearn for romance and all that it brings. And you'll find it almost everywhere you turn. You could be pleasantly surprised when you open up to somebody that you may have ignored previously. Neptune is a higher resonance of Venus; imagination rules the day, and what you dream about, you can create. Maybe the perfect first date or a much-needed weekend with the one you love?

Sunday, December 8, Venus in commitment-oriented Capricorn makes a helpful Sextile to creative Neptune in Pisces. Venus is a benign influence, and her transits tend to be subtle. When Venus is Sextile Neptune, we tend to forgive past missteps, seeing the best in others. When we transmit love and compassion, and it returns to us.

Possibilities are unlimited when Jupiter changes signs. We'll enjoy boundless potential love and real connections. Use honesty and kindness, and when you have relationship questions, a Psychic Source relationship expert can help you sort it all out. Our gifted advisors are available when you need to talk!

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