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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 3, 2021

This week is all about a lighter, more playful energy as Mercury and Venus enter Gemini. We feel social, cheerful, ready to meet and greet. Finding balance may be a little tricky as it is hard to focus with so many choices thrown our way. Gemini's inherent curiosity leads us to surprising revelations.

Monday, May 3, Mercury moves into its home sign Gemini where it is most adaptable and comfortable. Gemini is naturally great with communication; the energy is flirtatious and easy. Have fun, keep it light and leave the expectations for a later time. Adaptable Gemini lends its conflict resolution skills to cerebral Mercury, allowing all parties to lay their differences aside.

Midweek, a Moon (Pisces) Uranus (Taurus) Sextile awakens curiosity and affection for the uncommon; people enjoy trying what they routinely ignore. You may visit an old pattern (or a past partner) with a new view. Set your imagination free.

Venus, the romance planet, serves as a magnet to attract the heart's desires. Saturday, May 8, Venus floats into Gemini, leaving her nighttime home of earthy Taurus.

The mood is romantic, yet because Earth and Air don't combine effortlessly, Gemini's elusiveness challenges the shift's closeness appears to invite. The primary, emotional side of Venus is not in complete harmony with the intellectual and sometimes capricious qualities of Gemini. Easily aroused romantic sentiments have a way of turning suddenly.

Open your heart to love's possibilities this week. The planetary dance points to change as Mercury and Venus move into Gemini! Embark on your personal best journey with a reading from Psychic Source!

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