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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 10, 2021

This week, we find the New Moon joined in cozy conjunction with revolutionary Uranus. Associated with sudden events, Uranus revolutionizes what it touches. Midweek, expansive Jupiter enters Pisces, awakening the creative, intuitive collective. Jupiter in Pisces is optimistic yet private, bestowing its influence in the background. We'll see its character expressed elegantly in institutions, universities, health care, and support for those in need.

Monday, May 10 Moon -Uranus Conjunction Taurus. The Moon - Uranus conjunction in Taurus shakes up the status quo. Those who have given up on love may very well find the love of your life where and when you least expect it.

The Moon represents our emotional response, and Taurus is an honest and compassionate Moon, bringing out the best of grounded, sensual Taurus. Take advantage of this opportunity to begin to stabilize your love life and bring about relationship progress.

Tuesday, May 11, New Moon Taurus. The Taurus New Moon inspires open, heart-to-heart discussions. Sharing is tender and authentic. Plant your seeds of romance and new beginnings during the Taurus New Moon. Taurus promotes emotional honesty.

Thursday, May 13, Jupiter enters Pisces. The cycles of Jupiter steer the energies that have meaningful influences on the collective being. Jupiter remains in each zodiac sign for roughly twelve months, taking twelve years to transit the whole zodiac. As one cycle ends, related concerns must advance to a new level. Revealed in our daily lives, Jupiter moves to inform the principles of creativity.

Jupiter's expansive style shines magnificently in Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces is generous, compassionate, and friendly, ever-enthusiastic when helping those in need. This position is empathetic and artistic but is subject to the wishes and wants of earthly influences, often leading to religious experiences and psychic manifestations.

There's so much happening this week! Money and love get rocked around; some people will experience loss while others enjoy sudden fortune gains. Call Psychic Source for a personalized Astrology reading to learn more.

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