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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of April 23rd, 2018

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

There's a prevailing energy shift this week. Venus is entering Gemini, followed by Sunday's Full Moon in Scorpio; expect significant changes in your social life. Single and wondering what’s next? Call Psychic Source and see what the changes mean for you!

Venus floats into Gemini, Tuesday, April 24 leaving her nighttime home of earthy Taurus. The mood is romantic, yet because Earth and Air don't combine effortlessly, Gemini's elusiveness challenges the closeness the shift seems to invite. The primary, sensual side of Venus is not in complete harmony with the intellectual and sometimes capricious qualities of Gemini. Easily aroused romantic sentiments have a way of turning suddenly. Venus in Gemini wants to play, enjoy life, and shake off the blues. The tone is lighthearted social and playful. In the personal chart, when your progressed Venus enters Gemini, you want to be active. You feel sociable, and you want to be around people.

Wednesday, April 25 cerebral Mercury in Aries makes a hard Square to careful Saturn in Capricorn. It's an appropriate time to talk about long-range goals, respect boundaries, and listen with an open heart. Mercury in Aries has a reputation for speaking impulsively; however, optimistic Aires also operates tactically. Saturn promotes healthy boundaries, even when pushing against the grain. Harness this energy to enjoy better communication and powerful a creative advantage. Written efforts; a little love note under the coffee cup, an encouraging good morning text fare best.

Squares are challenging; we must reconcile the qualities of both planets to create balance. At times, it will be difficult to articulate feelings. Fearing rejection; you may experience a lack of self-confidence. Find your center and balance the energy; it gets easier to connect with your heart and state your needs in productive ways.

The Full Moon in regenerative Scorpio (Sunday, April 29) favors spiritual transformation. Mysterious and highly intuitive, Scorpio pares away the frivolous in preparation for new and abundant growth. Scorpio Full Moon is a perfect time for us to look at our commitment to our personal goals. Scorpio is the Moon of Full Disclosure; if there is a truth you want to reveal or something you wish to convert or achieve now is the time to do so.

The seeds planted during the recent Aries New Moon come to full bloom under the Scorpio Full Moon. Are you making a major decision? Your Psychic Source Advisors genuinely care about you and your situation. Give us a call any time of the day or night, for clear insights!

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