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September Sunset Couple

September Astrological Forecast and Love Tips

September brings us the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. There is an opportunity to set our focus and intentions. Though the Summer may be over, it does not mean that the fun stops. Though the duty-bound Virgo energy does force us to remember what is essential and what needs to be taken care of; meantime, the transit of Libra helps us balance work with fun. September is also the month of the Fall Equinox, where things are in balance between spirit and earth. Use this period to harmonize and balance your energies, especially since the holidays are close.

The Sun in Virgo is typically an ideal period to focus on things that bring stability, specifically in our personal life, such as home and relationships. However, since Venus and Mercury are retrograde, the beginning of this month can be pretty challenging... Read More

Astrologers on Psychic Source discuss the role of horoscopes in a psychic reading.

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