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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of August 2, 2021

August begins with Five planets in fixed signs and an encouraging Leo New Moon ready to greet us. This week, we're ready to soak up the sun and celebrate! A slight change in thinking produces extraordinary results; play and work smart, not hard. Leo energy is all about creativity, choices, and banishing the things that hold us back; release your fear. What do you want to create and manifest into your reality?

The Leo Sun opposes Saturn in Aquarius as the week begins. The orb is broad, and we will feel the aspect through the week, leading into a paradigm-shifting Leo New Moon. Saturn's function is to provide needed structure so that we may confront obstacles, and having done so, move forward. If the balance between your personal and professional life is an issue, harvest this energy to devise unexpected ways to bridge the gap -accomodating everyone and soothing your soul with a bit of downtime as well.

Midweek, Uranus in Taurus makes a helpful Trine to Venus in Virgo, adding just the right amount of drama. On the cosmic level, we notice a shift in the collective. Expect cooperation and creative innovation, not an ego-fest. On the personal level, love shines through and wins out over everything else. Revolutionary Uranus squares the collection of planets in Leo, challenging the status quo and yet supporting fresh ideas and feelings. The only resistance is fear; push against it. You've got this!

The Leo New Moon (Sunday, August 8) symbolizes new beginnings on a grand scale. We feel more creative, and we can easily harness this New Moon energy to explore and manifest our unique heart's desires. Now is also a great time for romantic connections, whether you are meeting someone new or making up for lost time with enduring love. Leo enjoys adventure, fully orchestrated, dramatic, fun-filled romance.

So much is happening this week! What will you manifest with the New Moon? In recent weeks we've focused much of our attention on obligations; now it's time to change direction. You're not shrugging responsibility -you are embracing creativity! Call Psychic Source - your partner is creating positive affirmations! Phone, Chat, Video, and now with Direct messaging and easy to schedule appointments!

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