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Watch: Celebrity Psychic Predictions from Psychic Source

Date 3/12/2024

Celebrity Readings, Episode 1 - It worked for them…

Celebrity Psychic Readings Caught On Video

Six celebrities allowed Psychic Source to share their reading highlights on video. The result? A funny, heartfelt, and surprising compellation of readings with T-Pain, Grace Potter, Redfoo, Ian Ziering, Lady Antebellum and G.R.L.

What do celebrities ask psychics?

“If I was ever to have an affair...”

“I was thinking about just being homeless for like a week to a month…”

“Am I going to win a tennis tournament in the future?” “Will I marry my celebrity crush?”

These are REAL questions asked during the readings.

What did their readings reveal?

T-Pain got some juicy details about his sex life:

“Trust me, there’ll be a number of [girls] interested in hooking up with you. In terms of the sex factor, you have no problems there.” – Psychic Paige

Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum asked about his son on the way:

“You’re supposed to use a family name for him, like a maiden name, an unusual name.” – Psychic Rheda

(And guess what! Haywood and wife named their son Cash Van Haywood, after the mother’s maiden name, Cashiola, and Haywood’s father, Van.)

Grace Potter confessed to Psychic Kristine that she’s had thoughts of sleeping with another man:

“I do want to ask about love. I’m married, I’m gonna stay married but if I were ever to have an affair, there’s this one guy. He’s kind of a dream boat. I have recurring dreams all the time… I’m with this man, it’s definitely not my husband. His name begins with a ‘J’…”

Watch the video to find out Kristine’s response!


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