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How do Psychics Work?

Date 1/26/2021

How do Psychics Work?

Psychics work by establishing a connection with you. In the moment of connection, a real psychic taps into your energy at a soul level, connecting with their own Guides or deeply intuitive knowing to bring you the information you seek.

Are phone and online psychic readings the same as in-person readings?
Many people wonder if there’s a difference between getting a psychic reading in person vs. talking to live psychics over the phone or through online chat. Can psychics get the same information and insights over the phone or computer that they do when they see you in person? The answer is: Absolutely! You do not have to be physically present for the best psychic readings. When we ask our Advisors how do psychics know, they invariably tell us that their intuitive response to a person does not depend on that person’s physical presence in the same room. In fact, sometimes a person sitting in front of a live psychic feels apprehensive and is not easily readable, while a person getting a live psychic reading by phone or online chat may be much more open and in tune with the experience.

Psychics work by reading energy.

What does a psychic do? Ultimately, what the psychic is doing is reading energy. Some energy is perceived via the senses, but most is read through extrasensory perception. This is what makes a psychic reading unique, and deeply personal to you.

In this video, our psychic Advisors explain some of the ways they tune in psychically to deliver insight, guidance, predictions and support. Their styles of tuning in and drawing on hidden and unseen information is as varied as the many types of psychics with whom you can connect at Psychic Source. 

Video Transcript

How does a psychic establish a connection?

Neil: Establishing a psychic connection varies from call to call. Sometimes you might pick up and in that moment there is a moment of connection where it's established and ready to go. Other times we might need to back and forth a little bit. I might ask some questions, get some feedback about what you're interested in, and where you'd you like to go on the reading.

Arthur: When people call and they're really upset and they're really uptight, there's this wall up. The minute you say something to just get in there, then they chuckle, the wall goes down. Then I can go in there and really help them.

Serenity: I may ask you to take in a nice big deep breath in, hold that breath, and then release it while I tune into your energy and the energy of my guides.

Robert Gene: All they have to do is tell me their first name, and I receive all of this energy as information from my client.

Rhiannon: If I don't understand the spelling or it has more than one spelling, I will ask you to spell it. That tunes me right in. That is the key for me to step into your energetic field and go from there.

Bonnie: And through that I believe that your inner-most knower, your guides, or whatever you want to call that is what I'm connecting to. That part of you that already knows everything you need to know.


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