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Can Psychics Read Minds?

Date 5/25/2021

Can Psychics Read Minds?

In this video, Psychic Source Advisors explain the subtle but important difference between reading thoughts energetically, versus "mind reading." Psychics read energy. Thoughts and feelings have energy, and a gifted psychic is able to discern and interpret the meanings behind the energetic vibration. This is not the same thing as mind reading.

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In the stereotypical mind-reading scenario, a person 'tests' a psychic by asking the psychic to tell them what he or she is thinking. However, in reality, it doesn't work that way. Psychics read energy. Thoughts and feelings have energy, and unless a person is deliberately blocking their thoughts and feelings from a psychic, a gifted reader can pick up on their vibration. From that energetic point, the Advisor may put words on what he or she is perceiving, and ask the client to validate this. Some psychics can also sense into what another person is feeling or thinking, by locating their energetic vibration and reading it in a similar manner. This energetic interpretation is not the same as mind-reading, however. A psychic has no way of capturing the exact language or words that another person is thinking, but by reading the vibrational energy of their thoughts and feelings, they might come close.

Psychics work by reading energy.

How does a psychic read energy? Ultimately, what the psychic is doing is not that different than the way sensitive and emotionally aware individuals process cues and listen to their intuition, but at a much deeper level. Psychics have learned to perceive energy via heightened sensitivity, a deep trust in their intuition, and through extrasensory perception. This is what makes a psychic reading unique. Through this process, a psychic can offer a helpful perspective and insight on a person or situation that can help you make good choices and lead you in a positive direction - and that is far more useful than the entertainment and guesswork of mind-reading.

Video Transcript

Sadia: There is a difference between reading thoughts and being a mind reader.
Liz: I wish I could read minds, but I can’t and I don’t think there’s anybody who can.

Karen: I think that people that do mind reading use certain statistical structures to get their information and I think that psychics go by their intuition and their feelings.

Paige: Psychics get the vibration from the energy, from the voice, from the sound of the voice, from the name. They’re reading a different dimension.

Sadia: When I’m involved in a reading and I’m focused on the energy, I kind of look at the thoughts and I can see the difference.

Liz: Because we all have vibrations. I have intuition. You have intuition. We have feelings. You get good feelings and bad feelings. That’s energy.

Karen: We may pick up the thoughts of others as being an empath but I wouldn’t call that being a mind reader.

Rheda: Does that make the purpose of the reading for reading your mind? Absolutely not. It’s for a higher good. It’s for giving you clear directions about things that are going on around you.

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