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Can Psychics Predict the Future?

Date 1/26/2021

Psychic predictions, accuracy and timing

Can psychics really see the future? Accurate divination, or the art of future predictions, is one of the most sought-after aspects of psychic readings.  Thanks to the vexing issue of timing, it's also quite possibly the most misunderstood. In this video, Psychic Source Advisors explain why predicting timing can be so problematic. A Tarot reading might reveal a season; a spirit guide might speak of broad generalities (time is, after all, a man-made construct); a numerology reading might reveal a number which relates to hours, days, months or years. How do psychics tell the future depends on the modality, the willingness of Spirit to reveal the information, and the connection between the Advisor and the client. Timing may be down the the minute, or considerably off.

What's generally the most accurate, is that the outcome ultimately comes to pass.

Future predictions are not set in stone
But what if the prediction doesn't come true - at least when the psychic predicted? Does that mean the psychic wasn't accurate? Not necessarily. The human experience comes with a caveat to destiny, that is the ability to alter future events. Free will is what enables each and every one of us to alter the future by the decisions we make and the actions we take. So a prediction that certain events will unfold in a given time frame might be completely accurate given the people and energies at play at that given point in time. Yet simply by becoming aware of the likely outcome, you may then act upon the course of events and thus alter the timing or even the outcome.  For example, you may alter your behavior in response to the information you receive, or perceive new choices where before you saw none. Intentionally or unintentionally, positively or negatively, your actions can impact the course of events. Free will holds the trump card.

Life's possibilities. Revealed. 
Rather than looking to a psychic for destiny's scripted playbook, try to remain open to the information about outcome and choice points that comes through in your psychic reading. Whether that information reveals a future based on a particular direction or trajectory you're on, or provides a more specific information about dates and timing, allow yourself to be open to the possibilities, and secure in the knowledge that you can make choices to influence both. 

Video Transcript


Karen: I use astrological references in the cards as a way of identifying people, but also as a way of identifying timing of events, or when I feel that something will happen.

Rhiannon: Or sometimes spirit will give me a season. I'll smell the earth. I'll know if it's autumn. I can smell that, and I can see the colors on the trees. I just know it.

Dharma: I try to give you a generalized time-frame based on the block of what the Tarot is telling me, because each suit of card has a season connected to it.

Moira: Yes, we do predictive types of timing, but it's not exact. 

Nancy: If I see a number two, that could be two days, two weeks, two months.

Moira: Can psychics predict exact timing? I don't really believe that's possible.

Robert Gene: The future's not set in stone. If you know that something is going to happen, then you can make a different choice that's going to open up a whole set of possibilities and create a whole new timeline.

Neil: As soon as the current moment shifts in any way, because we all do have free will, we have that opportunity for free will in our lives, the timeline shifts as well.

Moira: I think that the outcome can be predicted with a lot of accuracy.

Stella: I will always be told to tell you what's at the end of the road, and that's what matters. 

Paige: The timing can be off. I've had it where it's been way off, but the event does happen. The man does call or the woman does call.



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