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Should I End My Relationship Quiz

Date 4/18/2022


Every relationship involves a certain amount of give and take. Though you may feel that you're in a flawless fairy tale in the early stages, after a few weeks or months you will invariably begin to face challenges. Further on in a relationship or marriage, you may find yourself in a rocky landscape where the little disturbances feel like insurmountable mountains, and you're regularly wondering whether it's time to give up.

If you're struggling to decide whether your relationship is worth saving or it's finally over, this quiz can give you some valuable insights. Answer these questions honestly to see whether you can salvage the situation, or it's time to seriously look at a breakup or divorce.

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Should I End My Relationship? Take this Quiz.

We all go into relationships with high hopes and expectations for how a relationship should be, particularly marriage. As we encounter inevitable frustrations and disappointments, it’s only natural to question whether your struggles are part of the natural stages of love that every couple goes through, or if there are deeper issues that put your relationship at risk. Whether your relationship needs a little tune-up, a more serious intervention, or it’s time to move on, this free quiz can help you objectively assess whether you fix a broken relationship or whether you should walk away.

Fix a Failing Relationship

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, you’re not alone. Our Advisors speak to hundreds of people haunted by the question "how do you know when to end a relationship?" A common thread is that there is some level of emotional, financial, legal, or familial commitment that makes it hard to walk away, whether the couple has “tied the knot” – or not. If you’re struggling to get clarity around “Is my relationship worth fighting for?” you may benefit from an objective external perspective that isn’t overwhelmed by emotion. Our Should I End My Relationship Quiz will help you evaluate your relationship “balance sheet”, so you can objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of your partnership.

Stay or Go? How to Decide When to End a Relationship

Knowing when it’s time to give up – regardless of the length, commitment or investment in the relationship - is a deeply personal and soul-searching process. Fear of being alone causes many people to jump in and stay in unhealthy relationships. Thinking that an unhappy marriage is better than no marriage keeps a lot of people stuck in failing marriages, especially if they are grappling with the question “is divorce the answer?” Breakups are hard, regardless of the circumstances. You don’t have to face this alone.

Relationship Advice You Can Trust

Asking “Should I end my relationship?” is the just first step. That’s why talking to one of our gifted love psychics can be so beneficial. Our Advisors use their intuitive gifts, tools, and years of experience to help you assess how to know when a relationship is over. With clarity and compassion, they can guide you in exploring when you’re struggling too hard to make a relationship succeed, and if or when you (and your partner) are better off apart. A working relationship with a trusted Advisor can help you with planning and next steps, and be there for you every step of the way.

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