August Love Tips for Every Horoscope

Published Date 8/1/2018
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Let your horoscope maximize the love you hold in your hands this August.

February might have Valentine's Day, but we think every month is the right one to give and receive more love. Navigating love can be tricky, but your horoscope can help you stay on the right path. Follow this love advice for your horoscope this August.


The first few weeks of August bring fun times for Aries, making August perfect for scheduling lighthearted dates that appeal to your active, energetic nature. Jupiter's influence should give you a boost in the bedroom.


As Venus leaves your romance sector early in the month, you're likely to turn serious. Assess your relationships this month and decide whether you want to move forward or leave your partner behind. A love tarot reading may help.


You've had some tough years, but Saturn in your intimacy sector makes August the perfect time for having fun, in and out of the bedroom. Date, laugh, and make some memories.


Venus's influence should help you deepen your relationships this month. Don't be afraid of staying in and delighting in domestic tasks, like cooking together.


Leos are also likely to be homebodies this month, as Jupiter continues to make its presence felt. It's the perfect time for loyal Leos like you to consider having a baby or spending more time with family.


Neptune is in harmony with Jupiter this month, which should help you align with your partner. Take advantage of your synergy with romantic meals, massages, and other sensual pleasures.


Unpredictable Uranus moves out of your partnership sector into your intimacy sector, making this month the perfect time to push the boundaries and try something new in the bedroom. Books have always inspired you, so why not purchase some erotica this month?


Venus rules your partnership sector in August, making this the perfect time for deepening your relationships. You'll need to work a little for them, though. You'll reap the rewards of being unselfish, supportive, and affectionate.


As Jupiter nears the end of its 12-year cycle, philosophical Sagittarians will find themselves reflective in August. Think carefully about your relationship this month and whether you're as happy as you could be in it.


Mars will be in retrograde until Aug. 27, which may leave you questioning all facets of your life. Self-reflection is always important, but make sure you don't withdraw so much that your relationship suffers. Pay extra attention to your partner to compensate for your mood.


Mercury is in retrograde until Aug. 19, leaving you feeling indecisive and hindering communication. Make an extra effort during the first half of August and use the time to take stock of your relationship, and you may end up closer than ever.


Don't be surprised if opportunities for learning come your way in August. Why not take advantage of them and sign up for a course with your partner? Learning something new together, perhaps something that uses your natural artistic talents, can be a great bonding experience.

While these general tips should help, a personalized astrology reading can provide greater insight. Let your horoscope be your guide to love this August.


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