How to Tell Which Stage of Love You're In: Questions to Ask

Published Date 2/6/2017
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

What to ask a psychic

Five Stages of Every Relationship

Psychologists have noted that there’s a nearly universal pattern to relationships, which progress through five stages on the path to lasting love. Understanding the stage you are in helps normalize and give you a perspective on your experience. Every relationship progresses through the stages of love at its own unique pace. Sometimes, a couple may get to a particular stage and experience some loss or setback that propels them backward or forward. Although there are broader patterns at play, every relationship journey is unique in its details.

Your Psychic Roadmap

Use this infographic to find the stage that most closely matches where you are in relationship. We’ve included key questions to address at each stage, and ways that a psychic reading or energy work can help you navigate your way through. Talking about your relationship with a trusted Advisor provides that broader perspective on your journey to this point, what you are experiencing right now, and where your relationship is headed. Think of it as an objective and wise, third party view that is unbiased by the details and opinions of friends and family, and completely confidential.

Whatever stage you're in, our Advisors are here to help!

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