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The Art of Living Blissfully - Guided Meditation Podcast and Insights from Psychic Myrrha

Date 4/17/2024

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Join Psychic Myrrha in this guided mediation to help bring more bliss into your life.

Let’s talk about joy, happiness, and the art of living blissfully. "You should be happy every day." We hear this often, but this is not always realistic. Finding happiness may be something that we have to initiate instead of just hoping that it will come to us. Perhaps you’ve tried reminding yourself of this before, maybe even tried to remember it daily. The trouble is, that unless we take some extra steps to back up a daily intention, our mind can still filter it out. This is especially true when we have busy lives with other things to prioritize.

You may not want to add another thing to your to-do list, even when it’s something positive like, "Don't forget to find your happiness by the end of the day!" But let’s take a moment to reframe this idea: think of this as just a friendly reminder that the following things are not chores.... they are helpers to remind you of your given right to feel happiness as part of the human experience. Where should we start?

Blissful meditating woman

Using Meditation to Cultivate Joy

Daily meditation does wonders for your mind, body and soul. You will start to receive the benefits of meditation the more you open up to this spiritual activity. It can be as simple as visualizing what it is that makes you happy. Keep in mind that there are loads of meditation techniques out there, and they resonate differently with different people. The good news is that it doesn't take much to start a practice that works for you. Here’s a simple way to start meditating: 

Setting the Perfect Environment for Meditation

Begin with preparing your environment to make sure that your surroundings are calm and you won’t be interrupted. Be mindful both of what triggers and relaxes your senses: such as thoughts, smells, sounds, temperature, cleanliness, locations, time of day, and so forth. Eliminate any triggers while being sure to incorporate something that helps relax you.

For example, you may enjoy feeling a breeze every so often or feel relaxed by the sound of falling rain. Finding a location with these characteristics will support your meditative state. If it is difficult to find a location, then find similar sounds that can create a virtual environment. 

Preparing Your Body for a Meditative State

Preparing your physical body to enter a deep meditative state is essential. Start by checking in with your body to ensure it is relaxed as possible. Keep in mind that certain positions can have an impact on how your mind will process the experience. Sitting upright with a straight posture can be positive for breathing. Laying on your back with palms up can help the mind to connect from head to toe. Don't be frightened if you experience sudden chills from doing this but do pay attention to how your body responds for future reference.

Preparing Your Mind for Meditation

Now focus on your mind. Let go of any thoughts that may distract you. Be in this moment. It is also helpful to close your eyes. When your mind is in a meditative state and your eyes are closed it is easier to connect and communicate with Spirit in your environment.

Finally, speak. Speaking is powerful, and the universe always listens. Speak out loud to call out what you desire the most. Always acknowledge Spirit within and around you, and just let your voice be heard. The following is a good affirmation to use to enlist Spirit as an ally in cultivating joy.

"I ask the spirit to block any form of energy or entity that compromises my path to endless joy." 

Now you are on the way to your spiritual growth.  

Woman finding bliss in the every day

Prioritize Happiness

Even if we keep putting it off, we are all naturally drawn to chase happiness. But our overflowing daily to-do lists can more closely resemble battle plans than a vacation itinerary. It’s no wonder that your mind may sometimes ask, "Should I prioritize my own happiness?" 

The answer is yes! Make your happiness a priority. What happiness looks like for you depends on what resonates the best: speaking, writing, crafting, exercising, or something else that feels good to you. It should be something that is both simple for you to remember to easy to incorporate into your day-to-day activities.

Habits To Find Joy & Happiness in Everyday Life

Now that you have made the decision to prioritize happiness it is time to take some action. The following are some ideas on ways you can start incorporating happiness and joy into your life. The key is to find the fun in nearly everything that we do. It can be helpful to start your tasks by setting specific intentions for daily joy.

Just a word about a potential stumbling block you might encounter: Sometimes a period of trial and error is necessary when trying something new. You may not find what works for you on the first try. Always be open to switching things up when they get too boring, repetitive, fail to bring in much change, or even become stressful. You get the final say on what brings you joy. 

Ideas for Daily Habits To Increase Personal Joy

  • Artistic: drawing - designing - painting
  • Health: dancing - recreational sports - running - swimming - walking
  • Knowledge: studying topics of interest - reading
  • Social: gatherings or events with like-minded individuals - group activities - meeting new people 

Ideas for Spiritual Practices That Bring Joy

Similarly to the meditation shared at the top of this article, start with practices to bring in protection while you are seeking your happiness. Here are some other variations you may want to experiment with:

  • Spiritual: deep breathing - meditating - praying
  • Detoxing from all things negative
  • Repeating keywords or mantras as a reminder to live blissfully 

Remember, positivity attracts blissfulness, and negativity reverses it. As you get comfortable with experiencing a quiet sense of bliss, recognizing moments of joy in everyday life will come easier. 

 Finding Joy In The Home & Outdoors

Your environment is a very important thing to always consider. Living life blissfully may be difficult if you are constantly in an environment that bothers you.  Adjust things as needed to create a better atmosphere. How you live and where you visit frequently will be essential to your happiness.

Ideas for Creating A Joyful Home Environment

  • Decorate your home or temporary space with colors, mantras, or other visual imagery that brings you peace.
  • Cleanliness levels and clutter can affect your sense of peace. If cleaning seems like a burden, reframe it as a task you do for yourself because you deserve the peace of mind a clean home brings you. Also decide which items in your home bring you peace or feel like a burden to have around or maintain.
  • Repositioning furniture or certain items can improve the energetic flow in your or home or just simply make things feel fresh and new. 

Ideas for Finding Joy In Nature & Outdoors

  • Hiking or taking walks to sight-see and explore
  • Visit nearby parks or botanical gardens
  • Go to places of interest with historical or artistically designed architecture

Finding Joy During Tough Times

There will be times that test your emotional well-being. Recognize that you are not alone. People throughout history have dealt with incredibly stressful situations. And many of those people found techniques to sustain happiness in the midst of hardship.

Admittedly, it will not be easy. Finding moments of joy in hard times will take some emotional and spiritual discipline—but it is possible. This is when it is very important to continue with the habits that brought you joy during easier times. And yes, you must insist on prioritizing the things that bring you joy even more now. Making time for happiness can shape your character for the better. The challenges or humbling experiences you face now can also help you cultivate gratitude for the good things you have in your life, which in turn can offer you a sense of peace.

One surprise that will help you and others find happiness at the same time is engaging in acts of service to others. Many people find that contributing to community service is a path to joy. Besides the sense of satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others, you may meet other people who have experienced the obstacles that you faced. In that vein, share this article with others who may need help finding joy. Helping others to find lost happiness can also bring you closer to yours.

Happy woman in the rain


If you take the time to mindfully seek out moments of joy, living life blissfully could become second nature. Make it a goal to incorporate at least one thing that makes you happy into your normal daily routine. Things like meditation may become your go-to technique during both ordinary and troubling times. As you start to add fun to your to-do list, you may find that you get excited about starting the day. Your home environment may start to look like a place of calm that refreshes your spirit. Making time to go outdoors may help us to remember that nature is sacred and meaningful. Helping others may bring us closer to finding our purpose and change our perspective. Now this is how we can live life more blissfully.  

 Checklist for Prioritizing Your Joy & Happiness

Practice a form of daily meditation that resonates best with your lifestyle.

Make yourself a priority.

Find what brings you joy through daily activities.

Create an environment that amplifies happiness.

Help yourself and others find lost happiness.


"Life is way too short, and time waits for no one, so get to your happiness." 

- Myrrah 




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With almost a decade of experience, Psychic Myrrha is dedicated to continually refining her abilities as a clairvoyant and clairaudient. She is here to listen to, guide, and empower you on life’s journey.


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