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Archangel Gabriel - Symbols and Signs by Psychic Bianca

Date 5/7/2018

Archangel Gabriel is the dedicated specialist to creators everywhere.

Archangel Gabriel is the dedicated specialist to creators everywhere.

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Many of us are familiar with the concept of our Guardian angel. As I began awakening to the truths of the astral realm I discovered that during our time here on Earth we will interact with a myriad of angels. What’s truly amazing is that our angels specialize and download information pertinent to our talents, paths, passions, and ultimate evolution. The angel responsible for opening me up to this reality was Gabriel.

The Talkative Archangel Gabriel
Gabriel is renowned for his work in announcing the birth of Jesus to Mary in the bible. Due to this much lauded connection, Gabriel became primarily associated with mothers and children. There is so much more to this loquacious angel, though. Gabriel is the dedicated specialist to creators everywhere.

Archangel Gabriel is talkative, a bit pushy, sarcastic and fun! If he were to assume human form, he’d be the guy at your local coffee shop with his cell phone, lap top, and newspapers spread out before him multitasking. He is one-part professor, one-part coach and one-part agent/manager. He comes into your energy field to assist folks whose life purpose is focused around communication or the arts. Whether your zeal is for culinary arts, mixed media painting, writing, poetry, graphic design, singing, artesian baking, carpentry, music or dancing, Gabriel has expert insight into how you can brilliantly hone your craft.

Each time Gabriel appears in the bible he is operating in the capacity of Gods foreteller. His proclivity for interaction with light workers of all kinds makes him wonderful ally for psychics, intuitive empaths and energy workers. 

Open and Honest
All that Gabriel requires from you is honest communication. Being forthright with your desires, hopes, fears or insecurities regarding your chosen form of expression is paramount to your success in working together. Merely talking to Gabriel about your dreams can be a prayer in and of itself. You will be surprised what information springs to mind once you begin that first dialogue with him.

Oracle Card Recommendation
If you are so inclined, a fantastic deck to begin with is the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. This deck will help to facilitate your initial conversation with Gabriel. Special cards or tools are not needed to get in touch with this readily available angel. Gabriel really enjoys being asked to assist you. Time and again as he appears throughout the scriptures, the invocation of prayer or meditation is what quickens him to your side when you need direction.

Gabriel Springs into Action
Are you struggling to believe that the unconventional path you’ve chosen as a creative is the correct one? Then call out to Gabriel and within a few moments you will have an epiphany that causes your paradigm to shift for the positive. He seeks to help polish your work as well as to move you into a place where you can learn to trust your talents. Once you are emotionally fortified and your work is flowing again with ease, Gabriel really springs into action! He begins to open doors for you, which can ultimately catapult your work into the world where your creativity can not only be seen but can be of service to mankind. 

So, the next time you’re in need of some creative juice, strike up a conversation with Gabriel, he is never short of words!

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JacquieD: Excellent article Bianca! You are truly a gifted advisor as well as writer! <3

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