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Angel Reading: Explore the Power of Talking with Angels

Date 5/6/2022
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What are Angels?

Regardless of your religious faith, there is a common notion of Angels as messengers of God.  Both Eastern and Western religions put forward the idea of spiritual beings who transcend the physical plane and convey the thoughts of the divine. Like Spirit Guides, our angels are here to protect us, guide us, and convey divine messages, although angels are thought to provide guidance from a higher realm.

Angels aim to be of service to us during our time on Earth, by guiding us from fear to love, and supporting us for our highest good. Indeed, our guardian angel has been with us even before our birth, having made the soul connection long before our creation.

Angels are natural healers, who guide energy healing practices like Reiki, and work with psychics and lightworkers who read angel cards. Angels themselves are pure energy, just like we are. But while we are grounded in our physical bodies, our angels, who are not of the physical world, may show themselves in a form to which we can relate.

Explore the Power of Talking with Angels

To talk with your angels, you need to invite them in. This can be as simple as meditating with a prayer or intention for your angels to reveal themselves to you. Angels may reveal themselves through signs and symbols, (feathers are a favorite sign) when you least expect it, and they are naturally attracted to positive energy. However, when calling on angels for assistance, the one who is best able to help will come forward first. This infographic introduces you to just a few of the millions of angels available at a moment’s notice.

Angel Card Readings As a Way to Draw Your Angels Closer

As with other cartomancy readings using tarot or oracle cards, angel cards are a way to seek answers to your deepest questions and concerns. A reading starts with an intention that you will receive the accurate messages you need. Whether you choose to use your own deck of cards or seek the counsel of an Advisor who is adept at angel card readings, you’ll want to meditate on your question as the deck is shuffled, and open your heart to the angel and its message. Like a lock and a key, the law of attraction will bring the card to you whose message you most need to hear. Interested?

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