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The Importance of Raising Your Kids to Be Kind

Date 1/16/2024

Teach your children to be kind.

Teach your children to be kind.

There's no harsher place than the playground. Children can be nasty and bullies abound. Unkind behavior in childhood can escalate into cruel behavior as an adult. Creating a kinder world in the future starts with what you teach your children today. 

Add Kindness to the Curriculum

Math and science and all the subjects your kids learn in school are important. However, too many parents push academic success and extracurricular activities. The focus is more on racking up achievements than on how to be a nice human being — so add kindness to the curriculum. Remind your kids to be kind every day. One mom on the blog Scary Mommy puts kindness so high up on the agenda that when picking her kids up from school, her first question every day is, "Who were you kind to?"

Create Opportunities for Kindness

One of the best ways to develop a child's empathy and compassion is in a practical way. If your neighbor is ill, rustle up a plate of food you and your child can take over. Have your child clear out their old clothes and toys to take a children's home. Volunteer at a soup kitchen to expose your child to people who are less privileged. Opportunities are all around. Alternatively, consult an authentic psychic to find out where you should focus your efforts. Getting kids actively involved is the best way to strengthen their arm of compassion. 

Teach by Example

There is no better way to teach your kids than to lead by example. Whether it's showing respect to the elderly or rescuing a wounded bird, it all shows children how to treat people and animals with kindness. Occasionally, you will fail. In moments of anger and frustration, parents slip up. You lash out with harsh words and your facial expression contorts. Don't worry, you're human. When you've calmed down, apologize and explain to your little ones that you acted poorly.

Be Kind to Your Children

Parenting is tough. You may wish a psychic could foretell how they will turn out, but you know a lot of it rests on how you raise them. Some parents go overboard on discipline, always ready to chastise their children. Others are too lax. Discipline is important, but how you do it is also important. What you say and how you say it can be harsh or kind. Try to avoid yelling and talking down to them. Instead, gently correct them in a way that still gets your point across. Children also make mistakes. Berating them only makes them feel worse.

Nelson Mandela once said, "No one is born hating another person." Hate and unkindness are learned behaviors that often stem from our upbringing. Therefore, the flip side is also true; people can learn to love and be kind. It starts in the home — raising kind children leads to a kinder world.


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Thank you for your compassion, gratitude and help making the world a better place.

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