Tori Spelling Receives 4 Pieces of Advice You Need to Hear for 2017

Published Date 1/16/2017
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2017 is a year of Empowerment for Tori... and you!

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Moving into a new home, growing their beautiful family, taking on exciting career opportunities left and right…needless to say, Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have a lot going on. Of course they’re making it all look easy but everyone, even celebrities, have their doubts, insecurities, and obstacles to overcome.  

When I sat down to chat with Tori on the phone, I was immediately reminded of how real of a person she is. “Sorry if I sound like I’m out of breath; the more pregnant I am, the harder it is to breathe,” she laughed in between coughs still lingering from a terrible cold. 

Sometimes it’s easy to think that celebrities have it made, until we catch a glimpse of them dealing with real life just like everyone else. This makes it all the more refreshing to hear about the actress and mother’s advice from her readings in 2016. What kind of guidance did she receive? Can we learn something from it? After all, some of us have the same questions as Ms. Spelling! 

Much of Tori’s readings in 2016 focused on the direction and future of her career. This may seem obvious due to her status as a public figure but there’s actually a more intriguing reason. Thanks to the inspiration of her father, Aaron Spelling, Tori’s been wanting to take her career in a different direction. Instead of always being in front of the camera, the actress is yearning to be behind the camera. But making a career change when you’re comfortable isn’t easy for anyone. With a lot of hard work, talent in her lineage, and a strong dose of determination, could this be the year to make it happen?

Let’s see what the psychics had to say:

“Always go with your gut.” Bridgette told Tori that if she’s debating between two opportunities and something feels off about one, she must always trust herself. Also, it’s important to look at the big, overall picture. Will taking a specific job get her where she wants to be in her career? If not, saying no might be hard but will be worth it in the long run.

Her best piece of advice: “Stick with what you believe you’re going to create as opposed to just going with any opportunity that comes your way.”

Immediately, Betty pointed out that Tori is a visionary who will follow in the footsteps of her dad. Her advice was to keep aspiring for her goals because she absolutely sees Tori writing and producing instead of acting. Something we can all learn from Betty is that even when the timing never seems to line up, you should always keep following your dream until it’s accomplished.

On another note, Betty excitingly predicted that Tori would be having a boy before the family even found out the news! When I spoke with Tori, she was curious to find out if Betty was right… and she was! Dean and Tori are expecting a baby boy just like Betty said - amazing.

Tori explained to me that in the entertainment industry, you’re always waiting. You don’t have a lot of control over your career, so it’s difficult to make moves. “I don’t want to sit around and be at someone else’s mercy,” she added. 

Seraphina addressed that setback head on. She said that now is the time. “You have the power!” was her mantra for Tori. It’s not always about having the ability, but rather having the confidence.

Her best piece of advice: “You do have the power, now you just need to start believing it and actively taking that position in your life.” 

Tori’s reading with Morgan was extremely positive. “2017 is your year. It’s going to be the magical year,” Morgan assured. This was especially empowering because Tori has a lot of “irons in the fire,” as she put it. Everything new for her career is on the cusp of happening and could all launch in 2017. “This will be a psychotically crazy year which will be amazing,” she said confidently. 

Take Morgan’s advice and don’t wait to see what will happen. Make this YOUR year and own it!

The Big Message

After getting the reassurance she needed, Tori was fired up about the coming year. While the entrepreneur and rising-star producer has taken the liberty of getting her ducks in a row for the new year, to hear that all she has to do is keep driving forward and believe in herself is incredibly liberating.

Empowerment is Tori’s theme for 2017 and it should be yours too!

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