How to Use Crystals to Heal and Energize

Published Date 12/6/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

Use crystals to heal and energize

For centuries, crystals have been used to help us heal and energize. The following guide has examples of the best crystals to integrate in your daily life for everything from healing to attracting love.

Using Crystals for Health

The most popular way of using crystals is to promote health and well-being. If you're having problems sleeping, crystals can help depending on the reasons behind your sleeplessness. If nightmares are keeping you awake, you can place smoky quartz or tourmaline at the foot of your bed to encourage a peaceful sleep. Labradorite is another good crystal to use since it chases away negative thoughts.

Similarly, if you're plagued by headaches, there are many crystals you can use to help heal. Placing a piece of turquoise, amber, or amethyst on your head can help calm tension headaches. Likewise, lapis lazuli has been used for centuries to help migraine sufferers with their pain and symptoms.

Crystals for Attracting Love

love psychic reading can help you learn more about your perfect partner and what your romantic future holds. Crystals can also aid in attracting love to your life and keep your current relationship healthy. Rhodochrosite is a strong crystal that is good for attracting a soul mate. While larimar is also nice for attracting a soul mate, it's equally ideal for encouraging communication in existing relationships. Finally, morganite is useful for attracting love to your life and helping to grow and keep up that love.

Best Crystals for a Happy Home

If you're looking to bring health and happiness into your home, placing certain crystals around the house can help. Citrine is a popular crystal to use because it attracts wealth. It's also popular because it doesn't absorb negative energy so it never needs cleansing. Or, if you want to promote love in your home, you can either place rose quartz in the southwest corner of your house or place a bowl of rose quartz in your bedroom.

Crystals for Your Workplace

Not only are crystals good for promoting happiness around your home, you can also use them around your workplace for peace and prosperity. If you feel like you're lacking clear thinking when you're in the office kyanite can help you clear your mind and decrease confusion. If you have an important business decision to make, you can have an online psychic reading for guidance. Or, you can also use tiger's eye or citrine to help you reach your goals.

Stress Relieving Crystals

If you worry about public speaking, wearing crystals such as amazonite and blue apatite can help. These crystals can calm nerves, improve confidence, and open up clear lines of communication. Additionally, aquamarine is another crystal that helps remove communication blocks and is useful if you have to ask a difficult question.

Whether you want to help your personal life or your professional life, the right crystals can promote the positive feelings you need. If you're looking to aid your life in any of the previous areas, keep these crystals and their uses in mind.


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