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Published Date 9/26/2013
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Each crystal has its own meaning and energy

Quartz crystals have been used for thousands of years as a metaphysical tool.  In ancient cultures, crystals were used in death rituals and in pyramids to attract spirits and light to the afterlife. 

For centuries crystal water was used in healing ceremonies and even used as a beverage, drunk for its healing powers. Holy men would soak a crystal overnight in water to make crystal water.

In Buddhism quartz was one of the seven precious substances. In Tibet and China it has long been believed that crystals are a reflection of the elements (wind, water, fire, earth, and metal).  

Feng Shui teaches that every living thing is made up of chi, the positive life source energy. The natural spiritual energy of crystals are used
in Feng Shui to amplify and balance chi’s flow through a home or space.  Placing crystals in strategic locations in a room encourages the chi to flow in harmony.
The clarity and transparency of many crystals makes them very powerful transmitters and receivers of elemental energy. The healing properties of various types, shapes, and colors of crystals are numerous.

Crystals have always been the most powerful tool in vibrational medicine. They’re associated with stabilizing or removing negative energy, clearing chakras, dream and past life recall, removing black magic spells, and magnifying white magic.

Crystal spheres, also known as crystal balls, have traditionally allowed their owner to see into other people’s futures.  “Foretellers” often amplified and enhanced their psychic abilities with crystal energy.

-Zoolite crystals are also known as Reiki stones and transform negative energy to positive. 
-Clear quartz is associated with balance, protection, and purification. 
-Amethyst works wonders for pain relief and circulation, and also enhances psychic abilities.
-Aurora or rainbow crystals are success stones that increase ambition, prosperity, and spiritual joy.  
-Aragonite is a crystalized mineral discovered in Spain on the Aragon River. It has been called the “acceptance” crystal and has the power to release negative energies of the past. 
-Citrine is known as a lucky crystal and creates abundance energy. 
-Lemurian seed crystals remove negative energy. 
-Celestine has been used to improve psychic abilities and insight.
-Hematite and Selenite are both said to increase will power and work on impulse and addiction.

Crystals are believed to attach themselves to the energy of the person that owns them and the environment where they sit. It’s very important to clean your crystals at least once a month with sea salt and spring water. About a teaspoon of salt to every three ounces of water is required. It’s also recommended that—in order to remove negative energy and recharge the healing powers—crystals be charged outdoors during a full moon.

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