Psychic Tools & How-Tos: Crystals

Published Date 6/20/2019
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Using crystals can strengthen psychic readings

Psychics have used crystals for centuries because of their ability to develop and boost psychic abilities. Crystals are brimming with natural energy. These energies flow through us and help center us, open up our intuition, and heighten our psychic abilities. Experienced mediums know how and which crystals to use for the most effective psychic readings. Here's how crystals can enrich your readings.

Prepare for Readings By Meditating

Meditation is the first step in developing stronger psychic abilities. Receiving psychic messages is difficult when our minds are buzzing. Meditation helps to reduce mental noise. Clear quartz is ideal to use during meditation before a reading. White and transparent crystals help open the mind and connect us to the spiritual plane. You can press the crystal against your third eye when you're meditating. The third eye chakra is the center of intuition and doing this can make you more receptive to psychic messages.

Developing Psychic Abilities

There are certain stones and crystals that every psychic medium has in their toolbox. Amethyst is one of those crystals. Amethyst is powerful in clearing blockages in the psyche and opening the crown and third eye chakras. If you're starting to develop your psychic abilities, amethyst is recommended for its ability to kickstart intuition. As your psychic abilities start to strengthen, move on to more powerful stones like fluorite. Use fluorite with caution, though, as it can bring on strong visions quickly and vividly that can overwhelm you.

Enhancing Clairaudience

Most people think of clairvoyants when thinking of psychic mediums. Many are not aware of clairaudients. Clairvoyants are able to see psychic visions. A clairaudient, on the other hand, is someone who hears messages from spirits. Certain stones and crystals can help enhance a clairaudient's ability. Selenite crystals and lapis lazuli stones are known to stimulate psychic hearing. Labradorite stones worn as earrings are also a good way to enhance clairaudience. 

Using Crystals with Tarot Cards

Crystals are a great tool to use before and after a tarot reading. Rose quartz can help increase your sensitivity and empathy to the client during readings. Blue quartz can help in interpreting tarot cards correctly. If a tarot reading has been especially difficult or emotionally draining, use smoky quartz or black tourmaline. Both offer excellent protective properties and are good at absorbing negative energy. 

Improving Communication

There are many excellent psychic practitioners out there. Not all of them, however, are able to communicate what they see or hear clearly to their clients. It can be frustrating to try to find the right words. Many psychics sse celestite, also called celestine, to open up the throat chakra.

While the crystals mentioned above are all good for psychic work, many psychics don't limit themselves when it comes to the crystals they work with. Understanding how your psychic can use crystals to help with your reading can also help you understand the depth of their knowledge about what you need from them.


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