Take It Easy! 5 Crystals to Bring Calm Amidst the Chaos

Published Date 8/25/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Use these crystals to promote a more peaceful and stress-free lifestyle.

Crystals are a great way to bring ease and peace of mind into your life. Crystals can gently soothe and put you back on track by bringing your entire being back into balance and harmony. Crystals are a holistic approach that helps facilitate total healing of mind, body, and soul. Check out these crystals to see which works best for soothing stress, enhancing sleep, and squashing worry. When choosing crystals, focus on what it is you really need help with and you'll be drawn to the crystals that work best for you. Hold, carry, or wear your preferred crystal, or keep it next to your bed to promote restful sleep.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is the best crystal for stress because it works on multiple levels. It is an earthy crystal and is known to be grounding and steadying. Tiger's Eye helps to ease the stress of the adrenal gland, soothe the immune system, and calm one's nerves. It is also helpful for gaining back one's confidence. It is a good "main" crystal for fighting stress.  


Amethyst is a calming stone which works to provide balance, patience, and peace. It also promotes restful sleep. Amethyst works well with Tiger's Eye as together they allow the whole body to relax and recuperate. 


Smithsonite is a "comforter" stone and is helpful to keep nearby if you suffer from stress-related anxiety or panic attacks. Try sleeping with it under your pillow to promote calm and restful sleep. Smithsonite can help to ease the symptoms of stress and calm your fears. Talk with a dream analyzer to learn about what your dreams mean and what they say about your stress level.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is often called the "love stone" and has a high energy vibration that can promote love in any situation. This includes love of the self, lowering stress, and soothing those who are around the stone. Rose quartz is also used to raise self-esteem. Emotionally, this stone is helpful in relieving stress, balancing emotions, and bringing peace and calm. Take this a step further and learn more about your love relationships with love tarot readings.


Amber provides a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing. It is used to aid in cleansing its environment by drawing out negativity. Amber is used to bring purification, patience, balance, healing, and calm to those who wear or carry it. 

What do these crystals have in common? They are all colors that are soothing and easy on the eye: blue, green, purple, pale pink, cloudy quartz, clear quartz, and mixed colors. The color of a crystal will give you an insight into what it can be used for because color is a good indication of the level of vibration of the crystal. The crystal's vibration helps to bring it into alignment with the diseased area so that they both vibrate simultaneously and bring harmony. Incorporate using calming crystals while practicing other stress-relieving practices such as mindful meditation to bring peace. 

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