Enhancing Life With Crystal Energy

Published Date 8/21/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Crystals Offer Natural Healing Energy

Natural healers believe that health issues start on an energetic level with a stressor which blocks the flow of energy. The natural spiritual energy of crystals makes them useful tools for healing. Crystal healing provides many physical and mental health benefits, and can be used as a way to attract positive forces into your life. Crystals can absorb negative energy, impart healing energy and create a feeling of calmness and peace.  Crystals can also be used to attract love and abundance, improve confidence, and open up clear lines of communication.

Our Advisors can harness the healing energies of crystals
Not sure where to start? In the beginning, it is probably better to seek out a professional healer, an empath who is practiced in the art of crystal healing. He or she can guide you towards crystals which may best support you in whatever you need at this time. You can easily find Advisors who are experts in crystal healing using the filtering tool on Our Psychics page. You can also learn more about specific properties of crystals by browsing our articles and exploring our Guide to Crystal Healing.

Video Transcript

Deidre: The relationship between crystals and energy is extremely powerful.

Kristine: And you don't even have to have that crystal in front of you to feel the energies.

Stevie: They are energy and they will assist with our energetic field and with our soul and our spirit.

Betty: They can absorb a lot of negative energy. They can impart healing energy.

Rhiannon: The crystal's doing the work. It's not me. I'm just bringing that energy, that frequency into the healing process.

Kali: You can use crystals to clear out negative energies or vibes or anything like that from your space. Betty: You can feel a certain calmness, a certain ease.

Deidre: And when we're holding a crystal, I think that we can actually pick up this vibrational energy.

Kali: You can use crystals as part of your meditation practice. A lot of people just put them in their receiving hand, which is your non-dominant hand. And what that allows you to do is channel that energy from the universe into the stone, and it helps you to stay focused. It also helps channel the energy just a little bit better. They all have vibrational energies to them. And a lot of times, you're drawn to ones that you need.

Betty: You'll know the right crystal when you pick it up, when you look at it. You'll know it's yours.

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