Crystals to Keep Nearby

Published Date 8/24/2016
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Use the energy of a variety of crystals to improve your life.

Crystals are a kind of solid that’s made up of ionic bonds. These particles create a crystal lattice structure, and then align themselves in a unique way to form flat faces that are arranged in a systematic fashion. Long used in electronics, crystals have electrical and other properties that are useful in a variety of scientific applications. Because crystals contain or can conduct energy, they’re ideal for bringing balance to your home. You just need to know how and where to use them.

Try Crystal Placement to Fend Off Negative Energy

Amethyst, tourmaline, and quartz are three crystals that are helpful in warding off negative energy. You can place these crystals in your home’s four corners to ensure your entire house has protection. If placement in the four corners doesn’t seem to reduce the negative energy, consult a live phone psychic for ideas on new places to put them.

Invite Positive Energy Into Your Home

When choosing a crystal to bring positive energy into your house, consider selenite. It’s a special stone that can generate peace and clarity. Thanks to its unique properties, celestite also cultivates peace in a home. When using selenite or celestite, consider also bringing blue lace agate into your living space. Because it encourages calm self-expression, blue lace agate is a powerful crystal to reduce confrontations and angry outbursts. Place it on a window sill or on a shelf that’s at eye level.

Use Crystals to Encourage Better Rest

Doctors have set guidelines for how much sleep children and adults need each night. When nightmares, restlessness, and worry interrupt your sleep, you feel tired the next day. Fortunately, crystals can help.

Place fluorite near your bed to reduce worry. As a bonus, it also helps you break certain thought patterns. To combat nightmares, place citrine under your pillow. For anyone who’s interested in dreams, kyanite is an excellent crystal for helping you recall what you dreamed. Place it on your nightstand to achieve the benefits of this stone. Once you remember your dreams, you can connect with an online clairvoyant to see if your overnight visions may foretell a coming event.

Place Crystals in Your Car

Think about how much time you spend traveling in your car each day. It’s important to bring good energy and protection crystals into your vehicle. To stay safe, try placing turquoise in your glove compartment. Additional protection from physical injury comes from having amethyst and garnet close to the driver’s seat.

Let Crystals Help Your Pets

The benefits of crystals aren’t just for humans. They apply to four-legged creatures as well. For older pets, give them renewed energy by placing lithium quartz near their favorite resting spot. With rose quartz placed where your pets usually sit, they’ll feel more secure and peaceful. This crystal also brings calm and peace to humans. To enhance your furry friend’s digestion, position leopard-skin jasper near their food bowl.

Wherever you spend time, incorporate crystals to create positive energy and drive away negativity.

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