8 Crystals for Healing Anxiety

Published Date 11/15/2018
Category: Health & Wellness

Can crystals help address anxiety issues?

The holiday season should be one of the most joyous times of the year, but it can become incredibly stressful for anyone. Fortunately, you don't have to let holiday-related obligations or expectations get the best of you. Get to know eight crystals that may soothe anxiety during the holiday season.


Weighty hematite has a way of keeping you grounded, making this dark crystal a natural choice for anchoring those flighty thoughts that tend to arise when you're feeling stressed. Keep this crystal close at hand and tap into its grounding powers to feel relaxed and balanced when you need it most.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has a way of absorbing negative energy and anxious thoughts, helping protect you from their harmful side effects. Try keeping one of these healing stones in an area where you tend to experience the most intense negative energy, and use it to sap the bad and leave you with the good.


With its deep, golden hue and irresistible sparkle, citrine has long been known as a crystal that attracts abundance and inspires prosperity. However, you might not realize that this stone can also protect you from negative energy. Keep persistent, anxious thoughts away by carrying a citrine crystal in your purse or in another object you always keep close at hand.


If you've ever worn or admired turquoise jewelry, you know how calming this beautiful blue-green stone can be. However, you might not realize that this stone can also keep your emotions in check and prevent your anxiety levels from reaching a fever pitch. Wear this stone to protect yourself from panicky tendencies and to feel grounded no matter where you are.


This sparkling purple crystal may not be known for its grounding tendencies, but it can help you realign your emotions and heal yourself. Wear an amethyst stone to open your mind, become attuned to a higher consciousness, and even regulate your moods. Talk with a psychic medium for more insight into this striking stone's calming energy.

Blue Lace Agate

With its ocean-like appearance, it's no wonder blue lace agate has a way of washing away even the most harmful energy. This stone works particularly well at soothing anxiety that stems from judgment as well as the elevated emotions that often arise after excessive socializing. Keep a blue lace agate crystal close during holiday parties and events to prevent anxiety from overtaking your emotions.


Simply gazing at an aquamarine stone can calm even the most anxious of thought patterns, so it's no surprise that this crystal has amazing healing powers. Hold it to soothe hurtful thoughts and minimize negative energy.

Rose Quartz

This beautiful rose-hued crystal captures the sensation of love, making it the ideal stone for eliminating unpleasant or harmful thoughts. Use rose quartz to leave emotional scars and related anxiety behind you, and move forward by embracing love and acceptance.

Concerned that crystals alone won't heal your anxious feelings? Phone a psychic to talk with a trusted advisor during the holiday season and beyond.


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