The Benefits of Meditation by Psychic Zatanna

Published Date 7/2/2013
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Promote balance and flexibility for a clear mind

We all have very busy lives. Between work, family and our daily responsibilities, it seems we never have enough time to just pause and have a moment alone. We often begin our day by jumping out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee, and running out the door feeling tired, overworked and overextended. When we continue this cycle, stress and exhaustion can begin to take a toll on our health and state of mind. 

We may show signs within our physical body such as fatigue, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain and irritability as well many other physical and emotional symptoms. Often, we may begin to simply look exhausted; others may begin asking the dreaded, “Are you okay?” Or, “Wow you look tired, are you getting enough sleep?” 

Meditation practices can greatly assist in achieving a more relaxed state of mind as well as an overall state of wellbeing.  Meditation is the practice and process of calming the mind; it helps the mind focus. Meditation can be practiced at any time throughout our day to help center our mind and our energy to help us achieve a more relaxed and calm state of being. There are various forms of meditation that one can choose from. 

Here are just a few of them:

Yoga – The practice of controlling your breathing through meditation and stretching techniques that promote balance, flexibility and help you achieve a clear mind.

Walking – Believe it or not, walking can be an effective form of meditation and exercise at the same time.
Guided meditation – This form can be practiced in a group setting or with an instructional cd.

Qi Gong – It is said to increase awareness of our body and mind by using an emphasis on the meridian system with an importance of added mind intent, breathing exercises and physical movement. 

Tai Chi – A practice involving a series of movements performed slowly with focus and deep breathing. 

As you can see, there are various forms of meditation one can use to obtain greater relaxation and to help focus the mind. You don’t need anything special for meditation; just 5-30 minutes a day and a desire to improve your overall wellbeing. Meditation does take practice and at first may be challenging. However, with practice and persistence, meditation becomes easier and its benefits become a rewarding experience. I personally like to practice meditation daily and some of my favorite meditation practices are walking, journaling and yoga. I would love to know what some of your favorite ways to meditate and center yourself are.

Love, light, and blessings! May you all find inner peace and lifelong joy in your soul.

"Meditation is the key to the morning and the latch to the evening." -Ghandi
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