Negative Energy Clearing Guided Meditation Podcast by Psychic Bridgette

Date 11/23/2022
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This is the second of a series of five guided meditation podcasts focused on cleansing your soul. Use this podcast to eliminate negative energy and strong desires which may be holding you back from achieving spiritual and physical balance. You'll find more focused meditation podcasts in our Health and Wellness section.

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By Psychic Bridgette x8133


Wiping out negativity is one of the most important things to open yourself up as a clear channel for meditation. To reap the benefits of other types of meditation, spiritual and mental preparation is vital.

Energy Healing to Remove Negative Thoughts

The first step to eliminate negative energy is to get rid of negative emotions: fear, anger, hostility, resentment, hate, malice, and jealousy only create poisons within our minds, souls, and bodies. Also, strong desires can be considered stumbling blocks that prevent us from opening ourselves to the meditative process. Clinging unnecessarily to people and objects, believing that our happiness will come from outside sources, sets us up for frustration and disappointment. 

To remove negative thoughts and energy from your life, you must learn to take control of the workings of your mind.  You need to quickly identify when negative thoughts and energy are forming and take action to eliminate them and form positive thinking.

There are several methods to accomplish this.

1.  Choose positive thinking.  Try to become adept at identifying your negative thinking and what causes it to form.  Having this awareness will enable you to make the choice to change to a positive attitude.

2.  Identify the true problem that causes your negative thinking.  Some negative thoughts often arise from a problem that is not easily identified.  The problem may exist in your subconscious mind from events that occurred in your past and are no longer remembered in your conscious mind.  If the same negative thought recurs with no obvious trigger, try to identify the deep seated reason that causes it and then confront the issue.

3.  Set your intentions on having a positive attitude.  Try very hard to adopt a positive attitude upon awakening in the morning.  You can choose your attitude and the more you practice positive thinking the easier it becomes.

4.  Focus on your goals, not your problems.  When you recognize negative thoughts arising, concentrate on your goals and not the problems in achieving them.

5.  Learn to recognize negative thoughts and deny their validity.  Trying to ignore negative thoughts does not work.  Recognize exactly what the thought is and have your mind deny it is valid.  Laugh at it.

6.  Stay around positive people.  Negative people have little or no optimism and will only strengthen your negativity.  Physically stay around people who have a positive attitude and observe them and listen to them.

7.  Don’t insist on perfection.  You must strive to live in a state of reality where success is hardly ever perfect.  Be satisfied with reasonably accomplishing your goals.

8.  Controlled breathing.  To recognize and eliminate negative thinking, you need to slow your mind down.  This can be achieved by setting aside time to concentrate on slow, controlled breathing which can relax you and allow you to be more aware of your thoughts.  When you start to identify your negative thoughts concentrate on slowly exhaling them out of you.  

Have you ever achieved a goal and still felt an emptiness inside?  This emptiness is a warning signal that your physical and spiritual natures are out of balance—both sides must be nourished. 

To expand your higher senses you need to “let go” of all negative emotions as well as all strong physical and emotional desires.  These desires make you unable to see the greater picture, shutting out other possibilities. This release of energy can be done through the following guided meditation. 


Listen to our negative energy clearing guided meditation or read the script below. 

In This Clearing Negative Energy Meditation Podcast:

You'll learn how to get rid of negativity and strong emotions that block you from self-freedom.  

Steps to Meditate and Get Rid of Negative Thoughts: 

1. Start by lying back, clearing your mind, and making yourself comfortable. 

2. Now you’re free to let your mind create a few images as if they were projected on a movie screen inside your head. Imagine a vast expanse of the starlit sky with the planets, galaxies, and countless stars all tumbling around one another in a beautifully synchronized motion.  All are moving smoothly under the guidance of a magnificent Creative Force that has everything under control. 


3. Imagine yourself as part of this. This is the Oneness that welds everything together including your life and destiny. In the face of this magnificent display, picture your own desires.  Perhaps it’s a desire for a relationship, a promotion, a vacation, a house, a new job, etc.  Picture this desire and drop it into your open hands. Then squeeze those images tightly in your fists and hold on with white knuckles.  Open your hands suddenly, letting it escape into thin air.  Just like a trekker dropping off a heavy knapsack, you’ll feel lighter and relieved of a burden. 


"Buddha found that the main cause of discontent for everyone was simply desire.  Letting go of it can bring deep satisfaction and fulfillment in a different way than you had imagined."


4. Remember, you’re not going to throw that knapsack away; you’re simply giving yourself a rest.  Feel yourself lighter and lighter, free of a burden.  Be confident that by releasing yourself in this way you can find a different way to achieve what you want within the Celestial Harmony of the Universe.

5. Now do the same thing with your negativity. Squeeze all the negative thoughts in your fists, holding on with white knuckles.  Now open your hands suddenly letting all the negativity escape into thin air.   You’ll immediately feel lighter and relieved of a burden.  Remember negative emotions and strong desires are blocks that prevent us from rising to a state of Cosmic Consciousness. 

6. Let’s try another visualization.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Get rid of all distractions so you may surrender yourself to the Creative Forces and become a part of them.  Now picture yourself bathed in the Infinite Energy of the Universe. Imagine yourself fully part of it, floating in it.  After all, everything that exists is energy, whether it’s in the form of light or warmth.

7. Forget about the solidity of matter for a while. For instance, an ice cube feels very solid indeed but when dropped into boiling water and you can see what happens.  Picture the Divine energy as a cloud of pure steam coming toward you.  Then picture your not-so-solid body as a cloud of equally Divine steam. Now imagine your own cloud of steam merging with that of the Creator, blending easily with it as the two vapors merge effortlessly.

8. You are now part of the Divine. This energy has filled you and you can begin to draw on this Infinite Creative Energy.  It’s yours to use toward your own best constructive goals.  Here you are now, with every cell of your body filled with this Divine inflow.  So relax, enjoy it and put it to the best constructive use. 

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simsim: been listing to this podcast every night before i go to bed, its helping me alot. thank you

littleangel: You are very kind Bridgette, so many of us need direction on how to become at peace within our self. I feel better already, looking forward to the next pod cast. Sorry I missed the first one. Thank You.

DazlingDiva: Thank you so much Bridgette. Your meditation download on letting go of negativity is so good. Patricia from Houston

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