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Guided Meditation Podcast: Show Gratitude by Psychic Kimberle

Date 11/23/2022
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Guided Meditation Podcasts
This is the fourth of a series of five guided meditation podcasts focused on cleansing your soul. Use this free podcast to see parts of your life more clearly so you're able to turn struggles into gifts. Your perspective is everything! You'll find more focused meditation podcasts in our Health and Wellness section.

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By Psychic Kimberle x8608

I’m often asked, “How do I meditate?” The answer is very simple really; it’s just intentions. It’s sitting with yourself and spending time with yourself. Some prefer quiet, some enjoy music, some chant, some pray and some enjoy a guided experience.  There’s no wrong or right way to meditate and each time is completely different. 

When you drive, do laundry, or even wash your hair, you’re meditating. 

The more you practice with intention to meditate, the deeper you’ll go. It’s an interesting concept; you don’t go deeper into yourself so much as actually connect to the whole or the information highway.  We must go within to find the inner portal which takes us to that place (called the Merkabah by some) located above our heads, looking like a three dimensional star. 

In This Podcast:
It’s very common when doing a guided meditation that your thoughts will float and you won’t follow the mediation.  This is fine.  Be where you are when you’re done with your floating the meditation will still be there for you to jump back in.  Grab a notebook and jot down your impressions—never judge the things you think or see.

Think of this process as walking through a tunnel to get to the Merkabah. In this tunnel you may experience almost dream-like visions—this is common.  Once you get good at getting through the Merkabah (which if you’re able to see colors while meditating is generally violet and yellow blending) you can then interact with your guides or just allow the visions to come to you. 

Gratitude meditation is powerful because you have the opportunity to peek into your past and see different struggles as gifts.  This allows you to live knowing that everything that’s occurring is for your benefit and not to punish you.

Due to religious stigma or being raised with fear, some will live as though they’re being punished and see certain times in their lives as though they’re doomed.  This allows us to have flashes of clarity on our life path and honor the perceived pain as well as the joys.  For example: if you were thrown out of the way of a fast moving car but in the process you broke your arm it’s your choice to feel lucky to be saved or your choice to feel a victim for enduring a broken arm.  This meditation allows you to see parts of your life with clarity and see how your life path has always served you.

Each time you use this guided meditation you will unfold more of the mystery of your life path.  Each and every time you use this, the experience will be different. 

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