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Guided Meditation Podcast: Connect to Your Angels/Guides by Psychic Paige

Date 11/23/2022
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Guided Meditation Podcasts
This is the fifth of a series of five guided meditation podcasts focused on cleansing your soul. Use this free podcast to find out who your angels/guides are how they can provide you with direction. You'll find additional guided meditation podcasts in our Health and Wellness section.

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By Psychic Paige x9258

Angels are messengers of God.  They are nondenominational and assist people of every belief, working alongside the ascended masters of all religious faiths.

We were created with “free will”, meaning that the Angels and the Divine won’t intervene into our lives unless we ask for their help to assist us. Often people wonder: why bother to contact angels and not communicate directly with the Divine? Usually, when we’re troubled or stressed, our vibrational frequency is too low to connect.  Angels are closer to earth and are easier to hear and feel. They’ll help us reconnect and lift our vibrational level.

Guides are a bit different than angels. Guides are entities from the other side that are assigned to help you with specific tasks. Some guides are with you until you master a skill or specific task.  With primary guides, it’s believed that every soul on the earth plane is assigned one, two, or even three primary guides who are with you from birth until you transition upon your death.

Angels and guides are different than those departed friends, relatives, and loved ones.
  To get pure Divine guidance you should direct your conversations to God, the angels, guides, or other ascended masters that you feel aligned with.

In This Podcast
This meditation allows you to connect with your angels/guides.

The most important thing is to be in a quiet room free from distraction. Yes, that means put your cell phone away! Sit comfortable in a chair or you can even lie quietly on your bed. Relax your arms down by your side, palms up.  Keep your legs uncrossed to allow the energy to flow through the body.

RELAX. Don’t try too hard by straining to hear, feel, or sense the connections you’re about to make. If you don’t receive anything at all it usually means you’re trying too hard to hear.  Wait until a time when you’re relaxed and ask again. 

You may find the sound of the names are unusual. Ask, think, or vocalize the request: “Angels/guides please tell me your name.” The names may come to you in a thought, word, feeling or vision. Write down your impressions so that you’ll remember them. You can ask to validate what you’ve heard by asking for signs in the physical world that you’ll easily notice to ensure that you’ve heard the names correctly.

You may speak with your angels and guides every day and allow your relationship to deepen as you listen to their guidance.  Everyone can hear and talk with angels and guides; you don’t need to be specifically trained or qualified.

Angels and guides will work on your behalf when you ask specifically for help.  Don’t worry about the “how”—this is up to infinite Divine wisdom.


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