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Published Date 9/26/2016
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The Meaning of Your Chakras

Chakras are powerful energy centers in our bodies that reflect our emotional, spiritual and physical state. There are seven main chakras, each color associated and related to specific functions in our bodies. Four chakras are found in our upper body and three in our lower body. The upper controls our mental, emotional and spiritual state. The lower controls our physical, intuitive state. All of the chakras contribute to our overall well-being. If the chakras are not balanced there cannot be balance within us, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Chakra balancing and alignment
A gifted energy healer or Advisor can sense which chakras are out of alignment and help you clear energy blockages and release whatever is interfering with your chakra functioning. Aligning them focuses on healing a particular chakra that is out of sync, which could cause other chakras to work overtime. Balancing them puts them all in sync so they can work together as a collective whole.

You should balance your chakras daily, or at least weekly. The power of affirmation is one of the most effective ways to balance our chakras. Our thoughts create our reality and by regularly practicing positive affirmations, we can create amazing results in our daily lives. When our chakras are perfectly aligned and balanced with the universal flow of energy, every aspect of our life becomes harmonious and joyful. Healing our energy centers allows us to reclaim perfect health, mind, body and soul. Our lives become renewed.

Learn more about what chakras mean
Once you've learned more about chakras and how to sense into how yours are functioning, you can stay aligned with the help of an Advisor or on your own. You can easily find Advisors who are experts in sensing and healing chakras using the filtering tool on Our Psychics page. You can also learn more about unblocking and balancing your chakras by browsing our articles and exploring our Guide to Chakra Balancing

Video Transcript

Kali: Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel. And basically, they are wheels of life.

Delia: They are like little fans that spin at different rates and they're all color-associated, and they all correspond with seven different points of our body.

Seraphina: Sometimes those energy points within the body can become blocked, and that's where you can get a stuck feeling in your life or they can manifest as physical pain.

Delia: And depending on how these Chakras are flowing, this is what keeps the balance or the imbalance between our physical body, our emotional-mental body, and our spiritual body.

Stevie: And they all serve a purpose whether it is for our direct connection with the divine which would be our Crown Chakra. Or it's our grounding making sure that we are balancing our life. Or we are trying to stay regimented on something. There is that the Root Chakra. They all serve a very important purpose from how we feel, to how we verbalize, to how we handle things.

Kali: Sometimes when we can't figure out what's going on physically and we go to the doctor with this or that or whatever. We can't find out what's happening. It's a spiritual issue. Maybe one of these are clogged up, maybe they are blocked up and we need to take a look at them clear them out and you can be you again.

Stevie: It's important because energy sticks with inside of us. Cleansing your Chakras and balancing your Chakras allows those feelings to come in and go out.

Delia: So often we are not grounded as grounded as we should be. And this is one of the most important things in energy work is having the client grounded yet connected openly from the crown to the root. So it's an incredible sense of just balance and peace.

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