What to Expect During Your First Chakra Healing Session

Date 5/18/2015

A chakra healing session helps bring you balance

A chakra healing session helps bring you balance

The pressure to balance work and life is important to everyone. We want everything in order, but things don't work out that way. The main issue is more than just stress. It is that our bodies are not aligned. Chakra healing sessions help people realign their bodies and bring them back into harmony. Here are a few things to look for if you are going to a session for the first time.

What is a Chakra Healing Session?

A chakra is energy in your body in the form of a disk. Your body has seven main disks running up and down your spine. These disks are constantly spinning energy to keep everything in balance. There are times when one or more of the chakras either spin too fast, too slow, or stop altogether. The healing session will make sure they are all running at the same speed. Chakra healing sessions have been a huge part of Hinduism and Buddhism for many years.

What Will Happen At My First Session?

You will meet with an energy medicine practitioner and explain to him or her what brought you there. You can mention that you've spoken with a psychic online and wanted to get more answers in person. You should also let the practitioner know what your goals are for the session and how you want to feel when all is said and done.

How Will My Chakras Become Balanced?

The practitioner will begin the healing session by turning on soothing music. The practitioner will have you lay on a massage table, fully clothed, where they can assess each chakra running along the spine. They will use their hands, a pendulum, and possibly essential oils to feel the energy centers and see where the problem is. They will start from your right hip and work their way up to your head, feeling each chakra and using their energy to bring it back into balance.

How Will I Feel During and After My Chakra Session?

There are have been people who have experienced laughing or crying during their sessions. This means they are letting go of the blockages in their energies and becoming free. Others feel their physical pain going away. A feeling of relaxation during the healing session also happens. The end of the session is typically when a person has the most reaction, feeling relaxed and with more energy. 

When Should I Come Back?

Most practitioners recommend you come back at least one more time to get the full results of your chakra healing session. After that, you can come back as you need to, like when you have an appointment for a massage. You can also keep up your balance by eating right, removing as much stress from your life as possible, and by getting a psychic phone reading.

Your first chakra session will help you bring your energy into balance and remove negativity in your life. These tips will help you understand what goes on in a session and be open to it.


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