Psychic Chakras: What Are They?

Published Date 8/2/2014
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The Seven Chakras

When you’re first learning about chakras, there is a lot to discover. When you break it down the psychic chakras become much easier to understand. Take a look at the different chakras in the body.

First Chakra – Primal Existence

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. This area represents our primal existence and survival instincts. When this chakra is blocked, it shows itself as low sex drive, paranoia, and insecurity. When a psychic first starts working with chakra energy, this is the first layer they see when looking at an aura.

Second Chakra – Sexuality

Located just below the navel, the second chakra is associated with sexual energy, creativity, and sincerity. This chakra helps with gut feelings and can manifest in a few different ways. When the chakra is blocked, it shows as sexual guilt, extreme lust, and emotional problems. On the other hand, if it is too open, you will see excessive behavior and sexual addiction.

Third Chakra – Freedom of Will

The third chakra lives behind the solar plexus. You get a sense of your willpower, determination, and purpose from this chakra. However, when it is blocked, you tend to be over emotional, have a fear of being alone, and may be in love with falling in love. Addictive behavior and being judgmental will occur if the chakra is too open.

Fourth Chakra – Love and Balance

Also known as the heart chakra, this is located in the breast area. This chakra shows our ability to love and show compassion. The heart chakra, when blocked, may manifest in heart problems or even a bad immune system. Fear, self-pity, and a feeling of being unworthy are symptoms of this chakra being blocked.

Fifth Chakra – Expression and Impression

Located in the throat, the fifth chakra can also manifest in physical problems when it is blocked. Symptoms such as sore throats or even laryngitis can occur. Other symptoms include rigidity, communication problems, and prejudice. When looking to increase abundance in your life, consider consulting a live psychic to help you open this chakra.

Sixth Chakra – Psychic Presence

The sixth or psychic chakra is located between the eyebrows. This is the location most commonly known as the third eye. It governs awareness and intuition. When too open, this chakra manifests in impatient behavior, and sometimes even bullying. When it is blocked, egotism and sinus problems may occur. Most authentic psychics have a very healthy sixth chakra.

Seventh Chakra – Spiritual Godhood

The seventh chakra is not located on the body itself. Instead, it is right above the top of the head. This helps you understand your connection to the world and the universe, as well as being open to spirituality. When blocked, psychological problems, condemnation, and alienation may occur. When too open, you will deal with frustration and possibly even manic-depressive tendencies.

When you understand your chakras, and how they relate to your life, you can seek help in ensuring they are in a healthy state.


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