Reawakening Our Chakras for Spring

Published Date 3/19/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

Meditating helps you reawaken your chakras by releasing the traumas blocking your energy flow.

As the warm spring weather begins to awaken the flowers, it’s an ideal time to reawaken your seven chakras, too. According to ancient traditions, each person’s body has seven major energy centers or chakras. Just as you do some spring cleaning around your home, you can also do some spiritual cleansing. Take stock of your energy flow, which gets channeled through your chakras, and remove traumas that may clutter or block energy from moving through your chakras. Here are some steps to help you realign your chakras this spring.

Get Grounded

The first chakra, also known as the root chakra, is all about being grounded. To help realign this chakra, kick off your shoes and go for a barefoot stroll. Let your toes dig into the sand, or feel the soft brush of grass against your feet. By renewing your link to Mother Nature, you can help yourself feel more grounded. Need inspiration for where to go for a walk? Phone a psychic to get some fresh ideas.

Try Aromatherapy

The sacral chakra governs our relationships with others and how well we receive new experiences. You can reawaken this chakra with aromatherapy. If you want to use essential oils, try bergamot. This oil comes from a citrus fruit that’s similar to an orange. With an aroma that chases away anxiety and stress, bergamot oil has a calming effect. For optimal results, apply the oil to the area related to the sacral chakra: the lower abdomen, around the belly button.

Connect With a Pet

Because the heart chakra receives and gives love, it can easily get clogged when romantic and family relationships go sour. If you’re struggling to reawaken your heart chakra, try to connect with a pet. Many cats and dogs show unconditional love and gladly receive your affection. Practice giving and receiving love with your pet to revitalize your heart chakra. It’s a positive first step toward being able to love openly again. If you run into problems connecting with your pet, ask a pet psychic for tips on how to strengthen your relationship with your furry friend.

Set Aside Time for Meditation

When your life gets busy, you can easily forget to set aside time to mediate. One effective way to use meditation to release blockages is to focus on the sacral bone in your lower back. As you meditate, experience the radiant, positive energy emanating from this part of your body. This is also a good time to release, in peace and love, the negative energy that’s been cluttering your chakras. As you exhale, feel the negative energy leave your body.

You can enhance your meditation experience by sitting with your legs crossed and allowing one palm to cradle the other hand in your lap. You can use a simple chant or mantra to center your mind and quiet your thoughts.

With these steps, you can begin to unclog, realign, and reawaken your chakras and so that energy can once again flow freely through your body. When your energy can flow freely, you'll more easily find peace and happiness.


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