Opening and Unblocking Your Third Eye Chakra

Published Date 9/20/2016
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Exercises can help you open a dormant third eye.

Everybody has the potential to access the third eye. Most people just don't know how to open it to reach its power. The third eye can allow you to visually sense and interpret the energy that exists around you. It lets you see motion, activity, and the exchange of energy.

Is Your Third Eye Blocked?

Though you've likely heard of the third eye, you may not realize that it's also associated with the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is your psychic chakra. An authentic psychic often has access to the third eye. It's found in the middle of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. The chakra is also closely linked to the pineal gland. In most cases, the pineal gland stays dormant in people. The same is true of the third eye.

In the average person, the pineal gland and third eye remains unused and atrophied. Exercises, though, can unblock this tiny gland and open the chakra and third eye, giving you access to a world of possibilities.

The Symptoms of a Blocked Third Eye

Though it often stays dormant, everyone in fact has access to his or her third eye. When you have what many call a gut feeling, or a hunch, and you act on it, you're making use of your third eye. Your third eye is a sense, and acting on hunches is only the beginning of its potential. You can develop this part of you to be more accurate and refined than a simple hunch.

A natural part of every person, the third eye is like a part of your body that brings your mind and senses together to form a more powerful sensory organ. You're using it already when you notice patterns happening in your life. The third eye puts information on top of other senses to reveal patterns to you. But you're leaving this potential blocked if you don't fully open your third eye.

How to Open Your Third Eye

You can use the sense of your third eye in many diverse ways. It can give you insight into hidden connections to answer questions. Those who work with energy can feel the energies that surround them, and then take conscious steps to manipulate that energy. On a simple level, when you have empathy, you're using the third eye to feel the emotions that other people hold. Great psychics many times rely on information they receive from an open third eye.

Easy exercises can open your third eye. For instance, while sitting straight and breathing comfortably, put light pressure on your tongue with your teeth and repeat the "thoh" mantra. Do it five times in a row, and repeat for a few days. You may feel a tingling sensation or even get a headache. But you'll know you've opened your third eye, and with it endless possibilities for empathy and vision.

Opening your third eye gives you access to the empathy and energy inherent in your daily existence. Building on those hunches and feelings you experience anyway, an unblocked third eye opens a world of potential.

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