Opening and Unblocking Your Sacral Chakra

Published Date 9/16/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day by opening up your sacral chakra.

A blocked sacral chakra can prevent you from achieving your goals and deriving a sense of fulfillment from your career, family life, and social activities. Although it's considered "feminine," the sacral chakra lives in both men and women, and blockages can occur no matter your age.

Learning to recognize a blockage and to open your chakra naturally can prove liberating and transformative.

Is the Sacral Chakra Blocked?

Often referred to as your "inner child," the sacral chakra governs your creativity, sexuality, and ability to fully enjoy yourself. It's located in your lower abdomen and has strong ties with your sense of self-worth, which is why blockages often result in guilt, shame, and depression. If you're struggling to connect with others and experiencing low self-esteem, consider consulting an online psychic to help chip away at the blockage.

Major life events, such as divorce and death, can injure the sacral chakra, and sometimes the symptoms take months or years to fully develop. Many people don't nurture their sacral chakra because they're more focused on specific goals and tasks, but pursuits like meditation and prayer can bring you back into alignment.

What Are the Symptoms of a Blocked Sacral Chakra?

The symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra can vary significantly from one person to another, but lethargy and lack of motivation often result from such a blockage. You might feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning even though you got a solid eight hours of sleep.

Many people find themselves seeking fulfillment in empty pursuits, such as consumerism. You don't feel fulfilled by your work or your passions in life, so you might indulge in retail therapy to lift your spirits, but it doesn't work. Some people with sacral chakra blockages can experience physical symptoms, as well, such as lower back pain and infertility.

A drop in creativity can also result from a blocked sacral chakra. Maybe you always loved to write, paint, shoot photographs, make pottery, or play a musical instrument, but now you don't feel inspired to create.

How Can You Unblock Your Sacral Chakra?

Achieving balance will help you remove blockages in your sacral chakra. Practice healthy self-care by eating a balanced diet, for instance, that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Consider adding more flavor to your food with spices that delight your palate.

Exercise, meditation, and affirmations can also help eliminate blockages. Find a healthy outlet for creativity, whether it's writing music or sitting down with a coloring book. A clairaudient can also help you find the sources of blockages through intuition.

Most importantly, listen to your own intuition and follow your desires. Set aside time to reflect on your goals and passions, and give yourself permission to follow them — no matter where they lead.

Blocked sacral chakras can interfere with your emotions and relationships, so don't assume that a blockage will dissolve on its own. Instead, actively pursue ways to connect with your inner child and honor your true passions in life.

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