Opening and Unblocking Your Root Chakra

Published Date 9/15/2016
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The root chakra is the key to balance

Like its name implies, your root chakra helps you stay grounded. When it’s out of balance, this important element can make you feel off-kilter and prone to unusual impulses. Learn more about what happens when your root chakra is blocked and how to open and unlock it once again.

What You Should Know About Your Root Chakra

Also known as the muladhara, the root chakra is situated at the base of your spine. The root chakra, or the first of seven, has a primary association with the idea of security, safety, and feeling grounded. Since it has such a strong connection to your emotional and physical wellness, it’s also linked to your health and strongly affects the other six chakras

If you’re new to the idea of chakras, a little assistance can go a long way. Chat with a psychic online to make sure you can locate and understand the importance of the root chakra.

How a Blocked Root Chakra Feels

For most people, a blocked root chakra feels unsettling and shakes any sense of stability you might have. If your root chakra is locked, this might manifest in feelings of insecurity with your own body, in relationships with loved ones, or even with your job or finances.

If you lose your sense of being grounded, one of two things might happen. On the one hand, you might lose your ability to keep a handle on emotions or actions. On the other hand, you might feel so disconnected from the real world that you no longer have the energy or the confidence you need to complete daily tasks.

Methods for Opening Your Root Chakra

If any of these situations sound familiar, set aside some time to rebalance your root chakra. For a mild blockage, start with the simplest method, and for a more advanced condition, try them all until you feel the unblocking effects.

  • Meditate: Whether you’re in a tree pose on a yoga mat or simply sitting still, start the unlocking process with meditation. Since the root chakra is red, visualize a red light at the base of your spine, and then imagine it extending all the way to the earth.
  • Move Your Body: Sometimes, being still isn’t enough to open your root chakra. When this is the case, go for a walk in nature. Focus on your physical presence in the world and your connection to the ground.
  • Eat Healthfully: It’s important to eat healthfully as much as you can, since a poor diet can make you feel imbalanced. Eat root vegetables, plants, and other foods from the earth to reestablish your connection and reopen your chakra.
  • Develop Structure: Losing that grounded feeling can happen when the structure in your life goes away for any reason. There’s no reason your life needs rigid organization, but some sense of order or routine can have a big impact on your sense of balance.

A blocked root chakra can have a substantial impact on your emotional, mental, and physical health. Don’t hesitate to pursue accurate psychic readings for more insight on chakras and your well-being.

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