Opening and Unblocking Your Heart Chakra

Published Date 9/18/2016
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Experience the full range of human emotions with an opened heart chakra.

Everyone has the capacity for unconditional love, but sometimes blockages occur in the heart chakra, which is located in the center of the body. When your heart chakra is blocked, you might struggle to find compassion for others and to create new relationships. Worse, your ability to love unconditionally might slowly disappear. Recognizing the signs of a blocked chakra is the first step toward healing the problem.

Is Your Heart Chakra Blocked?

Your heart chakra can become injured or blocked if you fail to heal from a broken heart. While this could relate to a romantic relationship, broken hearts stem from all types of relationships. For instance, if you lose someone you love, your heart chakra might not recover right away — or at all — unless you find healthy ways to deal with your grief.

A clairaudient can help you determine if your heart chakra is blocked by divining your vibrational frequencies. If you have a blockage, you'll likely experience lower vibrations because you're unable to connect emotionally with yourself and others.

What Are the Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra?

Blocked heart chakras create numerous signs and symptoms that can help you recognize the problem. You might notice that your emotions seem rooted in negativity. For instance, you might feel hatred instead of love, jealousy and envy instead of pride, and anger instead of understanding.

People with blocked heart chakras often can't let go of negative emotions. Everyone feels grief, anger, and loneliness on occasion, but if you can't recover from those emotions quickly, you might have a blockage in your fourth chakra.

Maybe your thoughts continually return to a negative emotional memory, such as the moment your spouse left you or the day a loved one passed away. Alternatively, you might find yourself obsessing over a ruined relationship, unable to move on and form new relationships.

Some people also experience physical symptoms of blocked heart chakras. Respiratory illnesses, thyroid dysfunction, and arm weakness can all suggest issues with the heart chakra. Cardiac symptoms might also appear.

How Can You Open Your Blocked Heart Chakra?

To clear a blocked heart chakra, you must find ways to process and release your emotions. If you continue to nurture anger, resentment, envy, and disappointment, you'll never move on from those injuries.

A live psychic can help you shift from resentment to acceptance. You'll discuss your emotional injuries and the sources behind them, then find ways to look forward to the future. Opening your heart to others feels risky and vulnerable, but it's the only way to find peace and joy.

If you can practice compassion and forgiveness with yourself, you can apply those same kindnesses to others. Meditation, prayer, and reflection will help you move on from heartbreak and dissolve heart-chakra blockages.

When you're connected to unconditional love and able to love freely, you can make a tremendous difference in other people's lives. A blocked heart chakra prevents you from making those connections, so don't ignore your symptoms. Find a way to release your negative emotions so you can feel the positive ones.

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