Essential Yet Rarely Discussed Aspects of Aura Reading by Psychic Sylvia

Published Date 1/18/2016
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Do you know the colors of your aura?

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It’s pretty commonly known that as you develop your intuition and your third eye opens, you may begin to see auras. Awesome! So now what? 

What is an Aura? 
An aura is the energy field around your body, also known as the human energy field, or HEF. It generally extends 18 inches to 2 feet from the outside of your body. Most people do not see it with the naked eye. However, clairvoyants perceive it, and the aura can be picked up on camera via Kirlian photography.

Each color in the aura has meaning. Some clairvoyants also detect energy patterns, blockages, and scenes in the energy field – there’s a lot of information available for someone gifted with that type of sight.

The missing, and quite important, piece of information about seeing and interpreting auras is so simple that it seems obvious once pointed out. Here’s the thing – as we all have an aura that immediately surrounds our bodies, then before we perceive someone else’s energy field, we perceive our own! We must look through our own energy first, in order to see someone else’s.

Being Self-Aware
In order for anyone to accurately perceive and interpret auras, he or she must be self-aware enough to recognize where the self ends and another begins. Otherwise, the perception and interpretation is only a projection of the self, instead of a perception of the other person.

More adept individuals, such as spirit mediums, who have developed the skill of bilocation (leaving the body but staying in close proximity in order to be able to continue perceiving the immediate environment), are more clearly able to provide aura interpretations. These impressions can be useful in scanning the body for blockages and imbalances, detecting and reflecting personality strengths, and describing scenes of events that have recently occurred or are about to occur.

Professional clairvoyants enjoy using this perception to enhance psychic readings and energy healings, even at a distance
. It is a special gift and skill to hone, that adds depth to your experience of your psychic reading, whether via phone or chat.

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