White Auras: What Do They Mean?

Published Date 10/2/2018
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What do white auras really reveal?

Everyone emits an aura, which is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your body. While few people have a single-hued aura, almost everyone's has one predominant shade, which can range from white to black and every color in between. White auras can reveal a substantial array of information about the bearer's spiritual energy, personality, relationships, and much more. Discover what white auras mean and how they affect your interactions with others.

How Do White Auras Look?

Authentic psychics and those with the well-honed ability to perceive auras know that these energy fields typically feature a range of colors. Even white auras can appear to be a pure, clear white, or they may be cloudy with hints of other colors. No matter where white auras appear on the spectrum, they tend to be radiant and emit a sense of innocence.

Spiritual Energy for White Auras

The radiance present in white auras is no accident. These auras typically suggest that the bearer has a higher spiritual energy than most others. Many infants are born with white auras, which reflect their pure state, but this type of aura can also reflect the end of a lengthy spiritual journey. In fact, adults who have strong spiritual links and those who resist negative energy and immorality tend to have white auras, too.

Personality Traits for White Auras

People with white auras tend to have strong healing powers. Their mere presence can fend off bad energy naturally while preventing negative sentiments from taking root. In addition to protecting themselves, those with white auras also have the ability to shield those around them from negativity.

Since a white aura suggests innocence, however, those who have this type of energy field can also have limited judgment capabilities. Their tendency to do good can put them at the mercy of others who may feel compelled to take advantage.

Relationships and White Auras

The positivity and love that white auras emit make the bearers popular among friends and lovers alike. While they may easily attract and draw others in, those with white auras may judge others easily, especially those who have not yet achieved a higher level of spirituality or purity.

Although many other aura colors can change over time, white auras for adults tend to be permanent. If you feel attracted to someone with a white aura, understand that this energy isn't likely to change over time. Take care to pursue a relationship only if you can truly accept the other's spirituality and personality.

Career Success for White Auras

Since those with white auras revel in their ability to protect others, they tend to thrive in careers that enable them to help people and animals and in roles that allow for ample social interaction. People with white auras often excel in careers at charities and nonprofits or in nursing and therapy professions.

Curious whether you have a white aura? Ask trusted friends or family members how they perceive your aura and get a video psychic reading to learn more about your energy.


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